This Thursday, March 5th, the Ewing Fashion Agency presents Runway Diva 10, sponsored by Pure Style.  In keeping with it’s goal of global reach, EFA has set the time of this edition at 4 AM SLT and will take place at its runway in Ischia.


As usual, EFA Top Model, Rena Mascot will lead a team of volunteer models: Apple Permisohn, Annabelle Fleury and Silky Trilling, in the presentation of a short fashion show.  Watch closely during this show and remember the routine used, for afterwards, audience members will have the chance to attemp to recreate the show for themselves.  The theme is spring so come ready with two of your best spring outfits and poses for them if you plan to join in.  The rest of the audience will then be asked to vote for the best of the audience models with the winner being awarded a prize from the sponsor, mimify Loon and Pure Style.  Here’s your chance to get a taste of the runway for yourself, or to show off new found skills.  All are welcome to attend and join.

In addition to its main store, Pure Style fashions can also be found at the following locations:

Pure Style – Buncrana (197, 22, 21)

*Pure Style*, Aventi Island East (34, 230, 21)

Japanese Fashions available at:

Pure Style – Wollondilly (232, 163, 93)

Pure Style – Grumphmunch (68, 60, 193)

And the Lux line at:

Lux by PS – Lovelock (53, 83, 144)