Mimi’s Choice For Men


Last week I was able to present the lovely Jador spring fashions.  In holding to what I try to do, I am now showing various new spring designs for men.  Mimi’s Choice for Men, is a wonderful place for gentlemen to find just the perfect suit, tux, shoes or shirt with jeans.  There men will find such great creations by some of Second Life’s finest, such as SF Designs, M.R.M, Sartoria and many more.

At Mimi’s, men will find a relaxed shopping environment.  There you will find the shop well laid out and the designer wear easy to locate.  Most all clothing there is transferable, except for the colour change shoes.  This makes it exceptionally nice for the women, shopping for their men.  I was put in charge of buying men’s tuxes for a wedding.  It was so nice, to be able to go to Mimi’s, find the tux that I referred and purchase all five and then be able to pass them out.  Such a hassle reducer.  Also for my sweethearts birthday, I was able to go shop and buy him a great outfit, wrap it and give it to him.  I love it!





Alphamale Pinstripe Tux

Comes with several shirt, tie and jacket combinations


SF Design – Shearing Brown Leather Jacket with Pants

Great flexy jacket and natural looking shearing on both the collar and cuffs.  A couple of different combo’s in the pants.  This outfit is sexy for the men


SF DESIGN – White Tie and Tails

This design is by far the best formal tux I have seen.  It is all about detail.  From the satin stripes down the sides of the trousers to the flexy tails in the back.


SF DESIGN – Hamilton Tux in Black & Red

When I spoke of buying five tuxes, well this was the one.  It is unbelievable!  The flexy jacket makes it look and feel real.  There are different tie options and also the tux can be purchased with colours other than red.  Every man should have this tux.


M.R.M – Pinstripe Suit Set in Charcoal

Great suit with many, many styling options.  The suit can be worn with or without the jacket.  There are tie options and shirt options.  I also like the more casual look with the dress pants, suit coat off and sleeves rolled up on the shirt.  Very nice look!


SARTORIA – Pecan Suit

This suit has a great flair about it.  I love the rich colour and the detail of the handkerchief in the pocket.  I am showing it here with the open jacket and collar.  Yet there are several variables from single breasted closed jacket or double breasted jacket.  Several tie options as well.  Great all around handsome suit.


SARTORIA – Silk Suit in Brown

Wonderful, wonderful feel of real silk.  The suit is casual with an open collar shirt and handkerchief in the pocket.  Sartoria has captured the true essence of silk. 


SARTORIA – Travel Shirt in Burgundy

Nicely tailored shirt that has several wearing options from tucked in to sleeves rolled up.  I really love this shirt on any man.


SARTORIA – Cardigan Outfit in Jade Grey

Full outfit consisting of cardigan, shirt and jeans.  Nice cable knit detail to the cardigan.  A true feel of denim in the jeans.


 SARTORIA – Project Outfit in Mixed Colours

In this outfit, you have got to love the colours.  I love the combination and feel of this.  The detail is lovely and I truly like the number of buttons found on the lapel of the jacket.  Also very sexy with the shirt unbuttoned down low.


It was great to present these new spring clothing lines for men.   I try to put as much men’s fashion out as I can for all to read about and find where to buy these wonderful creations for men.  I hope you have enjoyed and again you can find these and many, many more at Mimi’s Choice for Men.