This week I am happy to show a very new designer and a whole different look to fashion.  My CEO Tiffany Dragonash and Manager Kay Fairey, mentioned a name to me and a landmark to go check out.  The name was Sonatta Morales, who owns Sonatta Morales Weird Couture.

I headed over to check this new place out,  accompanied by my friend Katalina Michalak.  I love to take her with me, as she has such a great eye for fashion.

When we arrived we were in awe of the beautiful building and all the unique and fabulous styles that we found there.  It is all about bringing back the Golden Era of the 1940’s.  I had never seen that era portrayed in Second Life, but after talking to Sonatta, I hear it is growing in leaps and bounds.

I scanned about the room, looking at the clothing and there was such fabulous detail, such as leather gloves, seamed stocking, beautiful hats and turbon’s.  All the glam looks from the beautiful era gone by. 

Sonatta Morales’ Story

I’m fascinated by the past, the way people dressed, how they behaved,  their sense of elegance and glamour.
Cinema fed my fertile imagination when I was a little girl. I changeed countries so many times at that time and those old movies on late night television were my safe haven, my familiar landscape.  I couldn’t get enough of musicals as well as  suspense and horror flicks… and I loved to dress up and imitate those divas, their fatal looks, their gloves, silks and velvets.

Later I studied fine arts and got tired of teachers telling me how my drawings looked like fashion illustration, well, this ended up being  my real job, and like most jobs I have to do  what people ask me to.    But…….  SL is where my imagination runs free. Here I can carry on my eternal search for a long lost  elegance. I want women to be  dangerous and sexy but above all, I want them to be classy. Either coming from a burlesque stage or from a rizty cocktail I want them to look glamorous, desirable, chic.

SL is the perfect ground for my style, there are plenty of fantastic cabarets and old style burlesque places. Flashmans and New Champagne Rooms are perfect examples. The retro scene in Sl is thriving, there are plenty of girls around fulfilling their dreams to be a flapper or  a doll… and they all want to look “the bee’s knee’s”.
But don’t think I’m a strict retro designer, I’m inspired by the past but I live in the present.

I wear my creations not only in retro places but everywhere I go in SL and I’m glad to say people always talk to me about my style. I’ve got dresses for all occasions and sometimes, when I’m feeling sparkly I go on stage too. Oh yes, those old musicals are still inside me.


aaa_001  aaa_004


Beautiful dress in blues and pinks.  The texturing is exquisite and detail amazing, from the padded shoulders to the three drapes decensing down the side.  The look at the fantastic back to this dress.




The look and feel of platinum coloured silk.  Beauty in the way it moves, the lovely matching gloves and if you like the turbon to match.  This dress is swank and sexy, showing all of your back.




Breathtaking!  This suit is out of this world, in it’s rich red and black texture.  The cuffs and collar are set apart by fur.  The distinctive just below the knee length and then two styles of hats to complete this amazingly beautiful and swank outfit.





Great feel of glamour in the leopard print dress with the drop skirt that moves so beautifully.  Then topped with the turban, leather gloves and mink stole.  This outfit I personally fell in love with.  It’s divine.

It has been fun to spotlight Sonatta Morales Weird Couture and her beautiful, glamorous and swank designs, that can transform each and every woman out there, into the beautiful diva styles of the 1940’s cinema icons.  Don’t we wish we could all be like Gretta Garbo?  I know I do.