So SySy Chapman IMs me the other day and asks “was it you who said you like vintage fashions?” and I was like…”ummm I don’t think I said that. I mean, I DO like them” and then SySy said “no, I’m sure it was you” so I was like “oh okay, you’re probably right.”

I know, really dramatic.

So, right, I’ll never write the great American play or anything… but I think the above is really actually pretty interesting.

Time in Second Life is kind of like dog years. An hour is a day is a week is a month is a year and all that. Look at what you were wearing a couple years ago; it might not be out of style exactly but maybe it’s a different style than what you have now. Maybe you were wearing more t-shirts with band names on it. Maybe your hair was shorter. Maybe that skirt you used to put on to get drinks from boys at the bar is just, well… not something you wear so much. Wait ten years, wait twenty and you’ll probably be laughing at your own pictures like you did your parents old high school yearbook. Now, think about the dog year timeline that is Second Life. We’ve got a LOT of opportunities to play with our looks or find new designers. Favorite skins can change, fabrics can look better or worse to you, cuts go up or down with trends and your mood.