Since I was a very young girl I have always loved the elegance of vintage clothing. Neferia Abel, owner and designer of Ivalde Designs has been bringing that elegance into Second Life for awhile now. Neferia has truly set the bar high with the great attention to detail, lush beautiful textures of  clothing &  don’t get me started on the delicious skins. Knowing the quality of her work I got really excited when I found out through EFA’s Tiffany Dragonash that Neferia had decided to expand and work on new more modern designs perfect for every woman with a totally new brand, “L’Abel.  ” Slipping on these new masterpieces I am in awe!  They were everything I imagined and more, sexy, sophisticated, and just simple knock down beautiful. I got to chat with Neferia and she is a sweet person and I am so happy to have met her.


Temperance Moonites: What’s in store for L’Abel and is there anything exciting coming up you would like us to know about?

Neferia Abel: I have a few exciting projects in the works! I will be redesigning the store next week, giving it a more updated, fresh appearance. I’m also going to start designing more contemporary clothing, giving as much attention to design there as I do to my other lines.

TM: That sounds pretty exciting! One thing I always love to find out from designers is what got you into fashion design in second life? What is your story?

NA: My RL/SL partner Brumm encouraged me to sign up for Second Life so I could talk to him while he was on a late shift. I have a graphic arts background, have always loved fashion, so when he told me I could make clothes, well, I haven’t stopped, and see no end in sight!

Without further ado, I am proud to present a few gowns and dresses from this fresh new line label, L’Abel!


A knee length dress that screams sophistication with beautiful texture and classy neckline perfect for that important job interview or just a fun day with the girls.


This deep red gown with tight fitted corset top & ruffle skirt will draw all eyes on you. Feel like a queen with the soft delicate fabric hugging your smooth skin. That special someone wont be able to keep their hands off you.


Show off your wild side with this sexy print. Your ready for a great night on the town with the girls with a flowing skirt great for dancing and showcasing those amazing legs!


This stunning gown can also pass as a nice tea length cocktail dress for an important date. Spaghetti straps with a large skirt lined with lace at the bottom.  Little black dress with a twist!


This Masia gown in Grey is great for that all important business party. Be beautiful & make a statement without giving too much away. This flirty skirt with cinched waist, silky fabric, & high neckline is the perfect combo to get noticed.


Keep warm with this double buttoned black jacket lined with luxurious fur around the cuffs and collar. Looking good has never been this easy…or this cozy.

These items are the perfect thing to express yourself in this wonderful art called fashion!

This is just a sample of what is yet to come stop reading and get your  bum down to L’Abel today!