March 2009




This week I am happy to show a very new designer and a whole different look to fashion.  My CEO Tiffany Dragonash and Manager Kay Fairey, mentioned a name to me and a landmark to go check out.  The name was Sonatta Morales, who owns Sonatta Morales Weird Couture.

I headed over to check this new place out,  accompanied by my friend Katalina Michalak.  I love to take her with me, as she has such a great eye for fashion.

When we arrived we were in awe of the beautiful building and all the unique and fabulous styles that we found there.  It is all about bringing back the Golden Era of the 1940’s.  I had never seen that era portrayed in Second Life, but after talking to Sonatta, I hear it is growing in leaps and bounds.

I scanned about the room, looking at the clothing and there was such fabulous detail, such as leather gloves, seamed stocking, beautiful hats and turbon’s.  All the glam looks from the beautiful era gone by. 




Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pictures

Be welcom to share your pictures in the Ewing Fashion Agency FLICKR group

Fashion and Art are creative outlets for fashion designers and artists alike.  So what better place to have a fshion show than at an art gallery among the works of a talented artist.  This  Thursday, March 12th at 11:30 AM SLT, The Raven-Lynxx Art Works will host The Ewing Fashion Agency’s “Gallery of Fashion” show, the first in its “Fashion in Art” series.


The Raven-Lynxx Art Works is a Second Life art gallery run by Ravencloud Nightfire and JohnLynxx Morpork, where they display the works of various SL artists as well as their own.  The art displayed consists primarily of RL and SL photographs and sculptures of modern form.  This month has the photo art works of Izzy Cole on display.  There will ba a fashion show produced by The Ewing Fashion agency on the premises, preceeding anafter party and gallery viewing viewing hosted by Ravencloud and JohnLynxx.  Shoe music will be provided by the incomparable DJ Aris Earnshaw.

The latest designs from Angel Dessous’ couture and lingerie lines will be presented amongst the art as well as a a surprise preview collection of a totally new brand, L’Abel, from a leading Second Life designer.

After the fashion show, Ravencloud and JohnLynxx will host a party and gallery viewing with trance music provided by DJ John.  They will also offer a L$1000 prize for for “BEST FASHION OUTFIT”.

All are invited to attend in support of Second Life’s creative talent as we bring the worlds of Art and Fashion together.

Have you been thinking about training for the exciting world of fashion modeling? Do you wonder what it takes to become a successful model in Second Life?



Here’s your chance to be trained by some of the best models in Second Life. The instructors of the Ewing Elite Model Training Program are pleased to announce the start of its next session on Monday, March 16, 2009. Three class sessions will be offered at 1:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM SL, enrollment permitting, running from March 16 through March 29, 2009. Classes will consist of three sessions per week meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus at least two runway workshops per week. The cost for the course is L$10,000. EFA’s titled models Tiffany Dragonash and ZoeAnastasia Aeon will be instructing classes this month with assistance from Jennaa Loire, Monai Parkin and Temperance Moonites. All serious aspiring models, male and female are invited to interview. Please contact EFA Model Trainers ZoeAnastasia Aeon or Tiffany Dragonash if you wish to be considered. Also, please submit a short bio about yourself and your interests.

Interviews will be conducted by appointment and lasts for thirty minutes. If invited to interview, you will be given a location and be expected to dress professionally and appropriately for the world of fashion modeling. After all interviews are finished, successful applicants will be notified and invited to register for classes. More information on the training course can be found at the EFA website. For further information and to stay updated on possible changes, please visit the EFA Fashion Blog regularly and join the ~*EWING TRAINING WAITING LIST*~ group.

Ewing Elite Model Training has produced highly successful models including Miss Virtual World 2009 contestants Aleida Rhodes, Tiffany Dragonash and ZoeAnastasia Aeon as well as the August 2008 JCNY Model’Fest Winner, Ella Quinsette, and many others. We look forward to seeing you at the interview and wish you the best in realizing your potential as a fashion model.


Starting March 12th Fantasma Plaza, home of  Smersh, Alchemy, Pididdle, Split Pea, Humby Designs, Twosome, Hourglass Shapes, Bagley, Pig, Heartattack & Vine, Schadenfreude, Silent Sparrow, Arcana Tarot, Sunflower Poses, Porn, and MiaSnow, will be having a Spring Cleaning Sale.  

Get your pixels over there for some great deals!



Mimi’s Choice For Men


Last week I was able to present the lovely Jador spring fashions.  In holding to what I try to do, I am now showing various new spring designs for men.  Mimi’s Choice for Men, is a wonderful place for gentlemen to find just the perfect suit, tux, shoes or shirt with jeans.  There men will find such great creations by some of Second Life’s finest, such as SF Designs, M.R.M, Sartoria and many more.

At Mimi’s, men will find a relaxed shopping environment.  There you will find the shop well laid out and the designer wear easy to locate.  Most all clothing there is transferable, except for the colour change shoes.  This makes it exceptionally nice for the women, shopping for their men.  I was put in charge of buying men’s tuxes for a wedding.  It was so nice, to be able to go to Mimi’s, find the tux that I referred and purchase all five and then be able to pass them out.  Such a hassle reducer.  Also for my sweethearts birthday, I was able to go shop and buy him a great outfit, wrap it and give it to him.  I love it!





Alphamale Pinstripe Tux

Comes with several shirt, tie and jacket combinations


SF Design – Shearing Brown Leather Jacket with Pants


This Thursday, March 5th, the Ewing Fashion Agency presents Runway Diva 10, sponsored by Pure Style.  In keeping with it’s goal of global reach, EFA has set the time of this edition at 4 AM SLT and will take place at its runway in Ischia.


As usual, EFA Top Model, Rena Mascot will lead a team of volunteer models: Apple Permisohn, Annabelle Fleury and Silky Trilling, in the presentation of a short fashion show.  Watch closely during this show and remember the routine used, for afterwards, audience members will have the chance to attemp to recreate the show for themselves.  The theme is spring so come ready with two of your best spring outfits and poses for them if you plan to join in.  The rest of the audience will then be asked to vote for the best of the audience models with the winner being awarded a prize from the sponsor, mimify Loon and Pure Style.  Here’s your chance to get a taste of the runway for yourself, or to show off new found skills.  All are welcome to attend and join.

In addition to its main store, Pure Style fashions can also be found at the following locations:

Pure Style – Buncrana (197, 22, 21)

*Pure Style*, Aventi Island East (34, 230, 21)

Japanese Fashions available at:

Pure Style – Wollondilly (232, 163, 93)

Pure Style – Grumphmunch (68, 60, 193)

And the Lux line at:

Lux by PS – Lovelock (53, 83, 144)

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