As any girl knows, there always seems to be a reason to buy more lingerie or another pair of shoes.  For shoes, it may be that you just don’t have the exact right pair for that new outfit or you just have to try some from a brand new store or designer.  When it comes to lingerie, how often have you seen a new sensual release that you just had to have?  Or maybe it’s time to spice up a romance.  I know that I can come up with many reasons, some would say excuses, to buy more of these two items.  A peek into my shoe and lingerie folders in my inventory would prove that.  Luckily, just as in real life, Second Life offers a plethora of quality shoe and lingerie stores.  One of my favorites for elegant lingerie is, of course, Insolence, best known for it’s high quality, luxurious lingerie sets.  Camilla Yosuke, the owner of Insolence, takes great pride in her designs and makes sure that each new release not only maintains her high standards of quality, but also offers a unique styling and isn’t just a rehashed previous offering.  Her latest set, the Dolores Lace Ensemble, holds true to these ideals.


Pictured above is the Delores set which is sold in black and white, the black variation available with various colors of flowerettes in the lace detail of the bra (see top inset).  Besides the all black and allwhite sets, you can get the black with red, gold, purple or teal.   This is a classic three-piece set consisting of matching bra, panties and garter belt and as is typical for Insolence sets, there are various combination and layer options for the garments.  A pair of classic back-seamed stockings in either black or white is also included.

The wonderful selection of lingerie sets offered at Insolence is reason enough to visist on a regular basis, but as an added bonus, there is also a small but growing selection of shoes.  The most recent addition to the this line is the Marie Jeanne Heel. The black and purple (bottom inset) can be seen above.  The same attention to detail as in the lingerie can be seen on the shoes, as evidenced byt the realistic texturing and silver strap buckle.  Other colors available are Beige, Carmel, Pink and Steel Blue, while the black is available with gold or silver buckles.

 Now it just so happened that as I was working on this post, another one of my favorite intimates stores came out with a new release.  If you’ve seen my posts in the past then you know that I get much of my hosiery at No. 9 Nylons.  But Criollo Forcella also does vintage lingerie and she just released a new line of corsets, a few of which are pictured below.


Many of today’s corests are made just for the style and are their design has comfort in mind, but corsets of days past were designed as torso shapers.  With their stiff boning and ties tight lacing, the objective was to dramatically narrow the waist and in some cases, elevate the bust.  Thi sline of Overbust Corsets from No. 9 Nylons is available in a variety of realistic, vintage patterns and colors.  Seen above are the Antique Perl, Romantic Twilight and Candy Love.  The back view of the Romantic Twilight in the center shows the back lacing detail.  Each corset comes with the matching panties and threee versions of garter straps, four garter versions for No. 9 standard stockings and stay ups and an eight garter version for No. 9 eight garter stocking sets.  Other colors include Floral Breath, Lavender Dream, Lovely Leather, Pinstrip Secrets and Wild Kitty.

Just as we can’t have enough lingerie or shoes, we can always use another shoe store, and I have one to mention.  A short tiem ago, Saoirse Jameson started designing shoes and boots and has now opened her own store: Totally Tempting Designz.  She has begun by identifying shoe styles that she can’t find quality offerings for, hoping to fill these needs.


Several of TT’s designs are pictured above.  Seen are the Glamour in Green (top left), the Desired Leather Boots in Blue w/silver heel (right) and the Surrender Heels in Pink (bottom left).  Each of these styles comes in a variety of colors and of course there are more styles available at the Totally Tempting store.

Whether they be a continuation of an establised brand or a totally new one, a new release in a primary category or sometihng fresh from a secondary line, all these new items from the three designers mentioned here are pleasant additions to any girls wardrobe.  So if you feel like your lingerie draw or shoe closet are in need of something new, plan a shopping day and be sure to visit each store mentioned here.

Also seen in the pictures are the BRIT 02 hair from ::69:: and Kraftika No 130 Earrings in silver.