So, who’s your favorite designer?

We all have a few. I mean, there’s no way I could just come up with one single name, you probably can’t either. There’s probably at least two or three that pop up off the top of your head. Give it a couple more seconds and you could probably come up with four or five more. I could wait even longer and wait for you to scroll through your inventory and you’d probably see a few names that you’d totally forgotten about.

So, there’s a list. Call it a personal ‘best of’.  Call it the ‘shortlist’. If it’s a round number you could even name it something like My Personal Top Ten. This is your list, remember, name it what you want. Oh, and forget those so-called ‘official’ lists, they’re irrelevent. You’re the one spending your $L after all, right?

Okay, so you’ve got your list. Who’s on it? Is there a theme? Maybe you’re looking for something cutting edge, maybe you like glamour. Maybe you’re one of those discerning fashionistas obsessed with textures and prims. Maybe you’re going for super-realistic, maybe your tastes are closer to neko-tastic vampire cyberpunk. Whatever it is, you’ve got your tastes.

Of course, your favorite designer has their own list too; surprise surprise. It’s a lot like yours, really. Just like you everything on your list, all the tastes and things you like, well, they come from somewhere. It’s all connected. That top you like, that color? Well, maybe you can’t see it but it’s probably directly tied to your favorite song or maybe a movie. Your favorite SL hairstyle? That comes from somewhere too. It’s not just your list anymore, now is it?

Our favorite SL creators build things and design looks that come from their own ‘best of’. Sometimes it’s something obvious; maybe someone built a Star Wars sim because they like, you guessed it, Star Wars. We’ve got Hollywood sims and tropical sims and all sorts of sims; there’s punk styles and glammy and fae styles. I love a nice look. I love nicely imagined and made SL fashions… but what’s the most fun for me is learning a little more about the designer through their fashions. When a dress becomes more than a dress, when it becomes it’s own story… well, that’s just art.

So, we have Sleeps with Butterflies from [Gauze] designer Yukio Ida. A Tori Amos song, yes. A gorgeous full length gown from one of the best SL designers you may not have heard of, yes.

Sleeps with Butterflies is an absolutely gorgeous and well made example of Yukio Ida’s innovative and imaginative line. A deep blue color palate along with really nicely made patterned textures makes SWB not just a really lovely formal gown, but a little story. Yukio uses prim attachments along with the horrible dreaded system skirt to pull off a really unique and beautiful look. As for inspirations, well, I don’t know exactly who or what is on Yukio’s list, but it’s musical. This is fashion as art, and it’s something that you may want to see for yourself.

Who knows? Maybe it will make it on your list.

[Gauze] Sleeps with Butterflies

[Curio] GP Lumine Skin (Nightshade)

*Zero Style* Dana Yummy (Olive)