The recreation of the Texas Capital Building located in Antiquity Texas is a masterful build and well worth a visit just to see it.  If you look real close you can see me standing on the front the steps.  This gives you an indication of the scale of this amazing building.


But what should make Second Life fashionistas all the more interested is what’s hidden within.  Upon arriving at the sim, walk over or teleport to the capital building and enter the main door.  Once inside, continnue straight ahead to the rotunda then turn down the east wing to find the treasure.  What you will see is finely crafted jewelry by one of the principles of Antiquity Texas, Jacon Cortes. 


Most of the jewelry, which is finely crafted and very detailed, is sold in the east wing of the Texas Capital building.  Pictured above is the latest set called the Eye of Ra.  This set of red diamonds and platinum includes the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring shown.  All the jewelryis made of individual tiny prims as all high quality jewelry is and the textures and colors are all very realistic.

Much of the jewelry is sold in complete sets, reasonably priced at L$800, and there are numerous different gem stones and fine pearl sets to choose from.  Of course there are many other things available including tiara sets, earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches with prices starting around L$150.  Perhaps the most uncommon, though, is it’s wide selection of crowns, useful if you have a king in your castle.  In all, this collection of jewelry is amazing and varied.  If you’re looking to add something new to that jewelry chest, and what girl isn’t always looking, you can certainly find something here.


Once you’re done browsing the west wing, if you have any money left, stroll over to the west wing and you’ll find a large selection of watches.  Both men’s and ladie’s styles are available and all keep real time with user selectable time zones.  Pictured here is the ladie’s Condessa Thrilling Platinum Watch.  As you can see, these are as finely crafted as the jewelry, with each stone a prim and rich textures for the faces and bands.

It’s always fun to find and share new places to shop and I hope I have some something new for you.  Jacon has a few nice free items available if you want to take a look at his craftsmanship before buying, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  A vist to Antiquity Texas is worth it for many reasons, liking fine jewelry is just one more.  Don’t forget to do a little sightseeing when there.