I’m in love.

It’s an ongoing affair, I guess, and very healthy… I swear. I’m not breaking up any homes or obsessing constantly. I’m not starving myself or driving slowly past the house at 2 AM to make sure you’re at home or anything. None of that. No, I’m currently in the middle of a very deep, very satisfying, very passionate love affair with Second Life.

It started pretty much instantly too, call it love at first sight. Oh, sure there are imperfections, just like all the best loves, but what it comes down to is potential. I’m in love with the potential of things, and specifically that thing we call Second Life.

However you choose to define it, you get out what you put in, and I’m always happy to see something gorgeous shared with the rest of us. Even better, I’m ecstatic when there’s a deeper meaning to it, when the potential of our favorite metaverse is recognized and used. It’s how I feel about Leezu Baxter’s Revolution Pan dress.

Ok, so let’s get the gorgeousness out of the way. It is, isn’t it? Leezu’s latest is a lovely combination of beautiful texturing and cut. It’s all very dramatic. Pan comes with multiple skirt lengths, along with sleeves that fold just beautifully. The whole look is incredibly customizable, and is just a really beautiful, terribly sexy ensemble. Of course, there’s something deeper here too.
So while right now Pan is available as a group gift, starting May 1st it will be available in stores for $5000L. All proceeds will go to benefit the Terre des Hommes International Federation, an aid program started in 1966 that works to help children and women living in poverty from all over the globe. Yes, that’s ALL PROCEEDS, 100%, ongoing.

So, not only a really beautiful release from Leezu Baxter, but a gesture from the heart as well. Second Life is, basically, a community of human beings, with the potential to break down barriers and work for a better world outside the metaverse. I am in love with Second Life, but it’s not my only love, and I’m so happy to know Leezu sees the potential in sharing her love as well.

[LeeZu!] Revolution Pan
[Curio] Lumine Dusty
Tukinowaguma Hairstyles Funky (gold)