DP Serendipity

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

Well, that’s exactly what happened.  All I wanted was a great fitting white tee… wasn’t looking for anything else, just a white tee (I don’t think you can ever have enough of them).  I searched high and low and my feet were killing me but I just had to walk into one more store… DP Serendipity.  I took a deep breath and ventured in.  I was automatically drawn to the cute denim capris, then the button down henleys and the bra and panty sets.  The “Cut Sewn” tops right next to the lingerie sets caught my eye.  They match!   All the clothes looked so comfortable and soft, cute and casual.  Then I saw the dresses, perfect for the upcoming warm weather.  All in great colors and patterns.  My shopping list now went beyond the simple white tee.

Masuri Dryke of DP Serendipity from Tokyo, Japan is a designer that feels comfortable and casual clothing is essential.  Her casual clothing also sports just a touch of attitude.   Her Attitude Love T’ees were created to “express a girl’s confidence without being bitchy”. 


The Love Comes And Goes tee (in orange) is part of the Attitude Love Tees line.  Here you will find it paired with the DPS 802 denim capris in bronze.  A great fitting low rise jean in a variety of colors.

Hair:  World Wide Industries – Moxie 2 in Auburn

Boots:  Shiny Things – Comfy Boot in Brown


Another tee from the Attitude Love line is Not that Into You tee. It comes with and without the logo on the back.  Looks great layered with the Luna di miele bra or just a white tank under it.  The jeans are the Harajuku Jeans.  Broken in, just the way I like them.

Sneakers:  FNKY! – Kicks in Blue


One of my favorite tops at DPS is the Cut Sewn top.  Casual but yet sexy.  The fabric has a heathered look to it which makes it look soft… and it is.  You should feel it on.  Goes great with the matching bra.

Shoes:  50 Flats – Flower Flats Green


The Luna di miele matching bra and panties feel great under all of Masuri Dryke’s designs.  Simple and girlie with a touch of embroidery.  This set comes in a palette of pastel and vibrant colors.


I did mention dresses earlier.  The Amenohini-odekake is a flirty little dress that is perfect for a walk along the boardwalk this summer.  This two layered dress comes with matching leg ruffled shorts.  A great summer outfit.

Hair:  Amrita – Sedna in Marron Brown

Shoes:  PIXELFASHION – Luna in Red


The DPS Shantung Silk Gown is so simple but yet very elegant.  The skirt moves beautifully as you walk.  Imagine wearing this dress on the ballroom floor.  The rich colors are deep and vibrant.

Masuri Dryke accomplished what she set out to do, bringing us a line of designs that are comfortable, practical and versatile.  No need to check your attitudes at the door… bring them in.

Umm… did I mention that I found the white tee that I set out to buy?  DP Serendipity did have it… displayed right in the entrance.  Didn’t even notice it until I was walking out with my purchases. The No Name Tee… you can tint it too!


Skirt:  CALYPSO GIANO  – Denim Skirt – Rock – Blue