A few months back, I happened upon a shop that was named ZAARA.  I was shopping with my best friend Katalina Michalak.  We love to explore and find new designers, that have extraordinary designs and colours that pop. 

When I walked into the shop, I was blown over by the beauty, colour and intricacy of the clothing and jewelry that I saw before me.  I related to it all and fell passionately in love with everything.  I went into a shopping frenzy and bought almost every item in the fat packs.  Walked out and never even quibbled about all that I had just bought or what I had spent.  IT WAS WORTH IT!

Now that I am writing for the EFA fashion blog, I wanted to blog Zaara and the magnificent clothing and jewelery line that she offers.  When I put on a Zaara made fashion, I always grab the attention of others, who what to know where I got such beautifully layered designs with colour that will knock your socks off.  I was wearing the kavi top in pink last evening with the jeweled jeans, my partner Dolphin Robson, could not keep his eyes off of me and told me several times, how well put together I looked.  The blouse look amazingly soft and flowing.  Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but when a man will notice and comment, then you know you are wearing something very special.

 Zaara is from Bombay, India and has been in businesness since January 2008.  She is 26 years old and is an Art-director – Illustrator.  Here are a few of her words about her work:

My style tends to be  layered… casual, whimsy with a hint of opulence.

My designs are influenced by by various time frames.. from the luxurious styles of the maharajahs to the bustling bazaars and busy city life of Bombay today.

I love black and its not difficult for me to work with this color at all..  its timeless. But I just adore color… and color harmonies is one of my strenghts and I love playing with them in my designs which I guess I cannot do with black.



INDIAN SUMMER – Plumb and Green

 JEWELED JEANS in Blue also KAYA JEWELRY in Turquoise & Silver

The jeans are beautifully made with jewels swagged on the left pocket, they come in many colours, which have many pant leg options


KAVI TOP in Pink with JEWELED JEANS in Moss



RAVYN in Black also KAYA JEWELRY in Onyx

Dress comes with a long skirt and short, short glitch pants and long.  I combined the long pants with the short skirt for a very modern look.  The top is buttoned up the side and the two top buttons left open to create a flap which shows off the red bra very nicely for a sexy appeal.  This dress is so fab on.  Great for party going or any special occasion.


CHAYA in Peacock & KAYA JEWELS in Malachite

Flouncy party dress with a flare of elegance



Absolutely FABULOUS look.  The feel is rich and aristocratic with an underlying sex appeal to both men and women alike.  It also comes in Blue and Deep Green



Shown with fab free outfit found at her store.  Shawl comes in many beautiful colours and combinations of colours.  Absolutely divine.

I would like to thank Zaara Kohime for this opportunity to show her creativity and design.  I encourage all who crave excellence and beauty in colour and texture to visit her store and see for yourself, what myself and many others have found to be remarkable.

Hair:  Tammy McCoy – Rae *Summer*

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia Tan *Old Rose*