Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs is possibly best know for her fantastic and authentic Indian designs, but regular shoppers at her store know that she does much more.  Recently, she released a new spring line.  This new line is a wonderful mix of Indian and Western styles, covering the full gamut from casual to formal. Texturing in Second Life clothing design has reallyadvanced over recent weeks, in the amount of detail and true to life shading, and Aradhana is keeping right up with the state of the art.  This level of quality combined with her sense of style and the wonderful color pallette she uses, makes for a truely exciting spring selection.


Pictured above are a couple of variations of the Linda denim skirt paired with the new Indian Summer Tunic.   The tunic comes with a number of options, just a couple of which are seen here.  The base top has the long and short sleeve versions on both the shirt and jacket layer and can be worn alone for a tight fit, or with one of the optional prim attachemnts for a looser fit.  Included is a prim collar and sculpty-prim puff sleeves (not pictured) as additional options.  Besides the Pink and Beige shown here, other colors available are Green, Lime, Red and Sea.  Both lengths of the Linda skirt are available in various denim shades.  


If you’re looking for something a little more feminine and flirty, Mashooka has that as well.  Pictured above are two of the spring dresses, the Nene in Red on the left anf the Lovely in Lime on the right.  Both of these dresses are so much fun to wear, I jus love the flity bounce of the skirts when you walk.  The Nene can be worn with the optional lace mesh on the bodice as shown, or as a full strapless tube top dress without it.  In addidtion to Red, it is available in Beige, Blue, Green, Sea and Yellow.  The Lovely is just as it’s name suggests.  Sleeveless bodice with spaghetti straps is so Spring and comes in Beige, Red and Sea as well.


Finally, shown above are three formal gowns, from left to right, Amalia II, Spring Love and Emery.  As can be seen in the photos, the most eye-catching feature of the Amalia II and the Emery is the very high side slit, offering an enticing view of the leg as you move.  Although they are sexy, both of them manage to remain classy.  Either one of them is sure to get you noticed at your next spring formal.  Seen here in Blue, Amalie II also comes in Beige, Green, Off-white, Purple and Red.  The Emery is available in the Purple shown as well as Beige, Green, Metal Blue and Red.  Finally, in th middle, is the RFL special edition Spring Love gown.  This is a beautifull textured dress styled more conservatively than the others, but does accentuate a woman’s curves.  It comes with a prim ribbon waist tie and an optional prim stole for more modest covering of the bosom.

I hope this post inspires you to take a look at the new Mashooka Spring collection.  Aradhana is truely a wonderful designer and her clothing is not only fun to wear but also to shop for.  She offers so many great colors for most of her designs, it may take awhile to decide which to get.  Of course you can always get the fat pack if it’s too hard to pick one.

The hair seen the pictures are available at Zero Style, ::69:: and Diversity.  Also seen are shoes from Tesla and lace stockings from No.9 Nylons.