shouted-logo-3d1SHOUTED COUTURE    

I have been searching for some fun, yet classy clothing by Italian designers that would fit in more of the mid-range of pricing.  We all love the flamboyance and textures of the Italian designers and the unique style that they add to their designs.  We have heard of all the big names, amongst them Jador, Bolero, etc, etc.  But have any of you heard of Shouted Couture?  Well I hadn’t either, until about two weeks ago.  I was talking to my good friend Mimi Juneau, from Mimi’s for Women and she was telling me about this wonderful store that she was managing named Shouted Couture.  Well I had to run right over.

When I arrived, I was blown away by the lovely styles and the diversity of the line.  Again Italian, Italian, Italian screamed out at me as I walked about and looked at every outfit.  Here you can find anything from very casual, to formal.  And the big plus is that the prices are so fantastically affordable.  Now get this!  Remember I was talking about those big name designers?  Well the two that are delivering at Shouted Couture is both Bolero and Jador.  Jador is using the name Vanity Affair, which was the very first name that Ziamela Loon, first started producing fashion under in Second Life.

Although the fashions don’t come with a big price tag, they do not skimp on style and texturing.  It is still all about detail and making the body come alive with movement inveloped in colour and elegance.  Not only that, but there is so much more,  tailored into these lovely designs.  Then as we all know, this year it is all about colour and the Shouted clothing has all of that.  Just in time for spring, comes the splashes of colour, finally we can step away from the same old dark colours, that we have held onto for so very long. 

Another big plus is that Mimi Juneau, would like to assist each and every woman who chooses to shop at Shouted Couture.  All you need to do is contact Mimi through search, or go to her store Mimi’s Choice, there you will most likely find her.  She will assist you in every way she can.  She will try the cloths on for you, so that you can see how they will look on the body.  Mimi, is so well known for her assistance to all that come her way.  I for one was so very excited for find Shouted and I know you will be too.


MINA – Vanity Affair

Fun little spring dress with an attached hood or wear the hat for added flair



Beautiful Red and Gold Ensemble in true Italian Style



Funky and fun outfit with darling half gloves.



Flouncy, sexy little dress, with netting on the bottom, rose petals adorn the pink layer and a bussle made of feathers.


Diana Pink – Vanity Affair

Great dress-up suit with large hat and gloves.  I absolutely loved the tailored look with a twist of sexiness.

So there you go, this is my find of the week and I absolutely encourage all who love Italian design, but want to shop on a budget, to try Shouted Couture.  But before you go, give Mimi Juneau a call and ask for her professional assistance.  She is easy going and fun to work with.

Hair – DBS Ronna Blonde  & Maitreya Amy Blonde