It has been a few months back since I became familiar with Nando Korobase and his amazing store, called Angnel Dessous.  I was working a lingerie show for Ewing Fashion Agency when I first wore the beautiful and artistically designed panties, bras and more, designed by Nando.  At that time I became hooked.

Since then I have had the pleasure of working with Nando concerning  the Angel of the Month.  It has been fun and I don’t know if you all got a chance to read the past blogs, or even Angel Dessous’ blog, but there were so many beautiful lingerie sets shown and modeled so elegantly. 

Angel Dessous main store is fabulous.  So well laid out and intriguing with the many beautiful designs.  My partner goes crazy over the lingerie that I wear for him from Angel Dessous.  To me, there is nothing that can compare.  I am going to be modeling  just a few of what you can find there.  This week, Nando and I have chosen a theme in white.  ENJOY!




Isn’t this beautiful with the self supporting thigh high stockings, 3/4 length gloves and strapless bra?  It also comes with several other different options, such as a half bra, no camisole attachment, short gloves, sheer bra.  Beautifully feminine.


SYDNEY – White

I truly wish you could get a full scope of the textures used for this ensemble.  I love the little panties and garter belt.  Garter belts always make a woman feel sexy and desired.  This also comes with a variation of panties and bras


TILLIE – White

This is simply out of this world.  When I put this on, I stood in amazement at the intricate detail and complex textures.  Again, I completely love the little panties with the garter belt.  Then the corset and to top it off  with the little crop jacket, with fur collar and the ruffled cuffs.



Just new out is Marylin.  Is is a retro styled swim suit.  It reminds me of the styles that would have been seen in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Wearing it made me feel like a movie star from that era.  I also feel more modest and covered, yet elegant and seductive.  Chunky bangles come with it as well.  In talking with Nando, this is one of the hottest items in his store.  Ya gotta have this suit for summer.  I do, wink!