orage creations

Elettra Gausman is the fashion designer and owner of Orage Creations or simply… OC.  She began her Second Life adventure in 2007 as manager and events coordinator for a prominent Italian jazz club.  After some months, she discovered the fashion industry and decided to try her hand at designing clothing.  Creating and designing came very easily to her and in no time at all Elettra was pumping out fashionable clothing.  Around the same time she founded BeStyle magazine with her friend Annemarie Perenti.

 An OC woman is curious, elegant and oozes sensuality.  She is luxurious and elegant without being overstated.  She is sexy. She is glamorous!



 The *OC* Black ’60 is a fresh and sexy long gown with lateral slits and lovely sculpted corset over a cut out bodice.  The back of the dress is very sensual and sexy with a soft sculpted drape falling precariously low, exposing the back. The back of the dress is held together by fabric rings on the hips, exposing the length of your legs.  The chunky bangled bracelts are speckled with tiny glow prims resembling rhinestones.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin in Rose

Shoes:  Stiletto Moody – Bare Audrey (Taupe Patent)

Hair:  DBS – Ronna in Haremgirl

Earrings:  UZURI – Jabari Earrings in silver

Necklace:  UZURI – Hypnose Necklace

Ring:  Bastchild Jewelry – “Blessed” Solitaire Gold Engagement Ring



This gown is a show stopper!  Who won’t keep their eyes off of you?  If you’ve ever wanted to make a grand entrance (or exit), make it in this gown.  The *OC* Spring Dream is more than a dream… it’s a fantasy! This asymetric gown has a mono shoulder with transparent fabric draping elegantly from the hip.  Flowers and pleated fabric adorn the left hip.  The back of the dress… provocative!  Covering just enough to leave to the imagination.  You definitely will not be forgotten when wearing this gown.  

Elettra wears many hats… in real life she is a fashion addicted doctor with a passion for creating art and still finds the time to be an active member in the SL community.  She is generous with her time and is active in many charitable events… Masena Project I and II, Stylista Festival and Best of Second Life (BOSL).  Orage Creations has donated 80% of all proceeds from April 6th through April 20th to the Red Cross for the Italian earthquake victims in Baruzzo, Italy.  You can log into Flickr to view the receipt.

You can see more designs from Orage Creations and other designers on Saturday, May 23rd at 1:00 PM SL time at a fashion show hosted by Ewing Fashion Agency at the Lost World Gallery.  Invitations will be in the mail this week.