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Don’t you just love it when you’re favorite fashion designer is talented enough to create almost everything you need to wear in Seond Life?  Sometimes you wonder why you shop anywhere else.  Kuranosuke Kamachi brings it all together at her mainstore… DeLa.  When you first walk in, you’ll find the shoes just calling your name… “buy me Kat… c’mon, you need another pair of shoes or two“.    Then after you buy a few pairs, you realize now you need a few outfits to match.  Okay… let’s go shopping!


bathing suit_001

Okay, I say this every year… I NEED A NEW BATHING SUIT!  Every season, designers find a way of making bathing suits look better an better.  The textures so much more life-like, the shadowing on the fabric, the detail in the knot of the pareo, each prim can be manipulated  for a better fit.  The “Margarita” Seablue bikini is exactly what I needed.  This bikini is tattoo friendly and comes in all layers.  There are prim bows and layer bows so you can wear it with or without the matching pareo. Kuranosuke Kamachi thought of everything.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan

Hair:  ETD – Nadia – blonde

Bathing Suit:  *DeLa* – Bikini “Margarita” Seablue

bathing suit_003

 The “Uva” high waist knee shorts and the “Uva” strapless top is a perfect combination in teal dyed linen.  Cool and lightweight for those balmy days or nights.  The high waisted shorts have a patent prim belt in matching teal with a gold buckle and did you see the cargo pockets?  Who needs a purse!  Just drop your keys and a tube of lip gloss  in there and you’re ready to go. The top is banded at the top to prevent it from going south (don’t you just hate when you have to do the “hook and pull” when it comes to tube tops because they keep sliding down?)  .  Fat packs are available in both so you can mix and match. 

Top:  *DeLa* – Strapless top “Uva” Teal

Shorts:  *DeLa* – High waist shorts “Uva” Teal

bathing suit_004

 Next on my list of “Things I need” is a dress.  I was looking for something colorful and flirty, something tropical & something to knock Brett’s socks off.  Voila!  The “Giovanna” Blueskin dress fit the bill.  The colors are gorgeous… turquoise silk shimmering like the Carribean ocean and the orange silk glowed like a blazing sunset.  Flirty ruffles around the bust gives it sex appeal while a wide patent crocodile belt slims your waist.   The “Arta” gold and black bracelets are the only jewelry this little dress needs.

Dress:  *DeLa* – Dress “Giovanna” Blueskin

Bracelets:  *DeLa* – Bangle “Arta” Gold Black


bathing suit_006 

“Linda” silver leather pants were definitely on my list.  You don’t belive me?  Here… look !  Island living requires a lot of clothes.  Don’t belive what anyone else tells you.  I needed a pair of leather pants but really wanted something different than the standard black leather.  The “Linda” Silver leather pants don’t have the high gloss metallic sheen that you would expect, it’s subtle.  The creasing of the leather is in all the right places.  The cropped “Marni” jacket in off white is very chic and cute with bell sleaves.  Keeps you warm and stylish on cooler nights.  The actual prim jacket comes in two sizes for a better fit or just if you want something a little looser.

Pants:  *DeLa* – Leather pants “Linda” Silver

Jacket:  *DeLa* – Cropped jacket “Marni” Off-White

bathing suit_007

Definitely not the last things on my list but the last for now… we have the “Marni” cropped pants in purple and the “Vivian” blouse in white.  Need, need, need.  The cropped pants are part of the “Marni” set (sold separately) and also come in long pants.  These linen pants are dyed a great shade of purple and are paired with the bright white blouse.  The sleeves are three quarter length and poofy bells sleeves drape from the shoulders.  The blouse is cool and drapey with a great stand-up collar. 

Shorts:  *DeLa* Cropped pants “Marni” Purple

Blouse:  *DeLa* – Blouse “Vivian” white

Whew… seems like I needed a lot of things and as I look at my list… I’m not even close to being done.  I still need to shop for a party dress, which DeLa has and a gauzey halter set… you got it… she has it too!  And yes… I needed everything that I’ve purchased (shhhh… that’s what I tell Brett).  I like having the finer things in life… a smooth, full bodied wine, melt in your mouth chocolate, 12 year old single malt scotch and…. being decked out in DeLa.