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On May 23, 2009, Ewing Fashion Agency had the distinct privilege of bringing together two very famous designers.  They were Mami Jewell of Azul Collections and Elettra Gausman or Orage Creations.  The setting was the very dynamic surroundings of the Lost World Gallery.  Here was found a picture of artistic clothing creations, enveloped in a frame of art.

Both designers went all out and provided the viewing audience with sophisticated and beautiful glimpse into their creativity and alluring all to go to their main stores and search for more to adorn themselves with.  As I sat in the audience, I was taken back,  time and time again with each beautiful gown that came upon the runway.  The models, swirling to show the beautiful textures and lines of the dresses and the flow of the fabric.  Each model beautifully coiffured to enhance each design.  Everything clicked in perfect motion against the dramatic back drop of Lost World.

Mami Jewell also showed her new line of wedding gowns.  As with everything else that she touches, they are a work of art, and just in time for the June Bride.  Elettra Gausman showed her fabulous styles which are set apart by beautiful hats or hair pieces, which seem to be her trademark.


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The house was packed and people clapped and cheered as each new design made it’s way down the runway.  Tiffany Dragonash was the presenter at the show and discribed each ansamble in beautiful detail.  The time flew by and in no time it was over.  Yet the show is still crisp in my mind and I am proud of Ewing Fashion Agency for the excellence in producing this show and bring together two great designers in the dramatic setting of Lost World.

EFA is committed to bring fashion to the for front of Second Life.  We are committed to the designers and all those that we work with to produce the best.  The Art Gallery Shows are a hit with the public and with EFA’s recent relocation to Milan, we are producing fashion shows there as well, on a semi-monthly basis.  This to establish Milan as the fashion hub it is in both Second Life and Real Life.  We invite designers or investors who are interested in doing a show with EFA, to please contact Tiffany Dragonash, CEO Ewing International Fashion Agency.

Thanks to all who’s efforts went into the production and to all who attended.  Until next time, “See You On The Runway!”