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Hello all and welcome to my weekly blog.  I thought to myself, “Tammy, here it is June the Wedding Month, I think wedding gowns are in order.”  More than that, here we go.

I was talking with my good friend Mami Jewell, owner of Azul, about working with Ewing in a fasion show a couple of weeks ago.  She got right in with us and wow did she ever blow the top off the place with her fashions.  Then the icing on the cake, was her new Wedding Dress line.  Absolutely devine.  Since not all of you were able to make the show, I want to do a show of my own.  If you want the totaly “WOW” factor at your wedding and make your fiance’s eye’s bug out, then here ya go, as all eyes will be on you.




AZUL – Bridal – Arwen – Ruby/Blanc

The Bride exits through the drapes onto the walk way that leads to her lover who awaits her.  She is not dressed in traditional white.  Oh no, this woman is independent and has a mind of her own.  She steps forward in a breath taking red satin, strapless gown.  Beautiful gloves assend up her arms and white decidant lace overlays the satin.  For the veil there is a cluster of red satin roses at the nap of the neck with a decending lace veil.  This dress will never be forgotten in the minds of those who attend this woman’s special day.Bride_004

     AZUL – Bridal – Arwen/Noir

Here this beautiful creation is shown with the noir coloured lace, gloves and veil.  Dramatic, alluring and completely provocative.


AZUL – Bridal – Arwen – Ruby

Here is another choice with this gown and that is to have the satin shown on top and the lace under.  This style of veil is also different with the flowers being shown adorning the crown of the head.  Stunning!


AZUL – Bridal – Brianna – Silver

When I saw this dress come across from Mami for me to model in my blog, I wanted to fall down and kiss her feet.  This dress is a extrodinary, piece of work.  Never have I come across anything so elegant and divine.  I love it so much, that I took picture after picture after picture of it.  In different lighting, etc.  The Brianna is phenomenal and will take your breath away and that of anyone who chances to see walk down the isle and address your vows to the one that you love.

Done in rich satin, with a gathered bottom that trains out the back.  Satin roses at the waist with a trailing, soft flowing chiffon, that matches the veil in the back.  In the middle of the dress is Belgium Lace, showing your skin under.  It follows up over the satin onto the bodice and over the shoulders.  Long satin gloves with lace at the top, complete the gown along with the veil secured at the nap of the neck with satin roses.  This gown is the numbero uno, in Second Life.








I wish to thank Mami Jewel, of Azul,  and her artistic creations.  It is the designers here in Second Life that make this such an enjoyable and fascinating world to be in.  I thank you for feasting upon the beauty of these remarkable gowns.  They are breath taking  and not easily forgotten. 

I must state that at Azul, there are other wedding gowns as well as the two that were shown.  Please take time and venture down to see them.  Then there is this beautiful Tropical Wedding Island, that is so very tastefully done and leased out so inexpensively, so assist all those who desire to be united together in matrimony, near the surf with palm trees swaying, attached to an easy and affordable portal.

Until next week, I have these words to say, “I DO”