On June 14th, Mashooka Designs opened  a new store at White Taj and the Ewing Fashion Agency was pleased to be there to present the latest designs of Aradhana Voight.  The models of Ewing graced a runway situated in front of the new shop in a selection of designs from casual to authentic Indian formals.  Mashooka Designs is well known for it’s high qualityIndian clothing as well as asian inspired western styles.  The fashion show this day demonstrated the range of Aradhana’s work and the assembled guests were excited to get their first look at her newest creations.  Each item, from a brand new sexy two piece beach dress to the full Indian bridal raiments, brought applause of appreciation.

As if Aradhana’s clothing line isn’t enough, she also produces jewelry of intricate and detailed design.  Each model was accesorized exclusively with Mashooka jewelry for this show.  Seen were items from exqusite necklaces and earrings to full Indian sets, all of them finely crafted.  The precious metal and jewel textures used produce a realism not seen from many and the craftsmanship is amazing.

After the show was finished, the runway was removed and the store officially opened.  The enthusiastics shoppers were a testament to the continued successful efforts of Aradhana.  Any designer needs to continually produce fresh and innovative items to expand their business and keep people coming back.  What we saw this day was that Mashooka Designs is still able to do this extremely well.

If you’ve never been to the White Taj sim, a visit is well worth it just to see the architecture.  There are a number of sights to see that make an excursion there more than just a shopping trip.  The fact that Mashooka Designs has a shop there just makes it more of an attractive destination.  If you wish to dress in appropiate style to make your visist more immersive, stop by Mashooka first.

The venture at White Taj is the latest development from Mashooka Designs following the opening of its new sim, where you can see the entire lines of clothing and jewelry, just last month.  The ewing Fashion Agency was also present then to display some of the fashion available.

Look for more exciting news from Mashooka in the future as it continues to supply us with wonderful and well crafted clothing and jewelry.