On June 23rd at 2:30 PM SLT, the Ewing Fashion Agency invites you to its runway in Milano Vera to see the exciting new Summer releases from MEB’s MariaElena Barbosa.  With wonderfully detailed and colorful textures, MEB’s new Summer collection is fresh and creative and perfect for the season.  The latest creations from this popular label will be shown in fashion show along with a selection of earlier styles.


About MEB – MariaElena Barbosa designs Stylish Clothes under the motto ‘Real Style in Second Life’. Her inspirations range from casual to urban style reaching high levels of elegance in evening outfits. In this area MEB creates clothes which challenges the excessive veils and other artifices present in many SL clothes, producing instead the wearable styles of the classic and sport lines with surprising spots of graceful fantasy.   Wearable collections for both the daily events and glamorous ones ins Second and in Real Life.

MEB offers  a casual, elegant aggressiveness in the sets of jeans and leather jackets, coats and overcoats which highlight in the best way the sobriety of urban style.  Some specially elegant dresses enriched with transparencies and laces are combined with very original jackets  reminiscent of the most fascinating last century of fashion.  Through its floral fantasies MEB brings its luxurious style into the extremely modern context.

MEB keeps stores or shops in malls in more than 30 lands, makes fashion shows with prominent Fashion Agencies, has presented its dresses periodically on SLNC TV (last show: http://www.slcn.tv/media/moda_065_23mar09.mp4), and is included in the Modavia Fashion Directory.