Recently I attended a fashion show for a designer I had never heard of.  There are so many designers in Second Life, that this wasn’t an extraordinary occurance.  I had gotten my first look a the works of a designer unknown to me a number of times before.  What was different in this case was that this ws not a new designer, but one that has been around for some time, producing very unique clothing of excellent quality and detail.  Thea Tamura and her TTFashion brand may not be well known but I think that is about to change.  She has been a Second Life designer or some time and has ventured into most areas of design, including clothing, shoes, boots, hair and jewelry for both women men.  What immediately catches one’s eye are the intricate and expertly done textures on the clothes.  The patterns and colors are outstanding and placed with thought to achieve the desired effect.  Beyond the textures, Thea also creates unique styles.  Her prim additions to the clothing are more than just flared skirts and cuffs.  Pictured below is the MINHA Dress.


This dress is a good example of both Thea’s texture work and use of prims.  The prim skirt is more than just a repetition of similarly textured parts.  Patterns are used to create the illusion of openings and pleats.  In addition, the prims of the skirt are meticulously layered and positioned to create a more life-like fullness and movement.  It also extends up above the waist to the lower torso so that the dress seems more of a whole.  Nice details are added in the prim collar and even a prim fabric draping on the back.  The matchig hat is made with the hair as part, thus offering this complete look.


Many of the outfits available at TTFashion offer a myriad of options as demonstrated by a few phtos of DELILAH.  Above is the skirt variation with the lace patterened pants and with the plain stockings.  The prim skirt has an attached corset and ther is also a corset with out the skirt.  Here the dress is shown with the maller of two prim collars.  The gloves are optional and can be worn with the prim cuffs seen.  The texturing and construction of the prim skirt is expertly done and combines well with the top.  Below are shown a pants suit option and the underlying lingerie from this set.


With the prim skirt removed, the top can be paired with one of the pants.  The loose flared shirt bottom seen os one of the top options for wearing with the pants.  The lower flare is flexy to give it a feel of lighter, more airy material than the rest.  The texture patterns are consistent on all the parts so that they blend and work together well.  The last image shows the lingeri set that can be worn under the clothing or seperate.  There is a strapless bra for wearing under the sleeveless top.  The panties, garter belt and stockings come in several combinations on the underwear layer so that you can wear only the parts you want.

TTFashion has many more items like these, plus a number of seperate accessories.  If you’re looking for something new and unique that is sure to draw attention, TTFashion is a good place to try.  I have a feeling we will be noticing her designs with more frequency as more people discover this creative designer.

Hair used for the DELILAH photos is Mirieal Gibson Girl.

The earrings visible are Kraftika no. 114 in gold.