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A photographer in Second Life, Gyorgyna Larnia has expanded her creativity into the world of jewelry.  She has been designing jewelry for a little over three months now and has signed on with Applonia Criss of Chantkare to accessorize her new line of clothing.  This business partnership is a match made in heaven!

This seasons accessories are making a huge statement… big and bold! 

Boules Necklace (paglia gold)

The Boules necklace is a large piece of jewelry, perfectly worn on an open neckline.   The rope knots are separated by three beads in paglia gold and finished with brown wooden beads.  A very natural combination for a down to earth girl.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in Seaspray

Top:  SYSY’s – Gypsy Lady in blue/green

Roses Necklace & Earrings 

Everything is coming up roses with the Roses set.  Multiple roses carved from crystal to create just one bead, linked on a gold chain with smaller rose beads.  Long dangle rose earrings with gold beads accompany the necklace.  This set is so versatile.  It will match anything you wear from fancy right down to dressing up a scruffy pair of jeans.   It’s one of my new favorite pieces to wear.

Imagination Earrings (free)

The Imagination earrings are one of the many almost free items in the store.  For a couple of lindens, you can have a pair of chunky, fun earrings to wear this summer.  Great pastel colors in in a metallic shine and geometric shapes.  Large enough to be seen and bold enough to make a statement.

Dessert Rose silver earrings

The Desert Rose earrings are absolutely awesome! Silver curved and spiraled to form the shape of an open, loose bloom of a rose with a light blue topaz in the center.  The detail is very noticeable and a great alternative to a pair of plain hoops.  These earrings are eye-catching.

Chunky Necklace & earrings

The Chunky Necklace and Earrings  are fabulously done in white enamel, edged in gold with a multi-faceted quartz stone.  Single large enamel drop earrings match this set.   The high gloss white “pops” against a gorgeous bronzed tan.  The bolder the better!

Gyorgyna Larnia, like other Italian designers are putting out creations that are in tune with the times.   What would we do without them?