Neferia Abel is a well-known Second Life designer.  Her Ivalde store has been an important destination for lovers of retro, vintage and period designs for a long time.  But Neferia has always done current fashion as well.  Despite this, her success in the vintage areas has caused many to think of her and Ivalde as purely vintage fashions.  In order to combat this misconception, several months ago, Neferia decided to release her new modern clothing lines under a new name, L’Abel.  She is currently in the process of releasing her latest Autumn collection, several of which are presented below.  The L’Abel line of clothes is chic and sophisticated with clean lines and figure-flattering silhouettes.  This latest collection is wonderfully constructed with very detailed textures that are realistically highlighted.

Below are pictured five outfits from this collection.  The first form the left is the Vivvike  black glitter set.  the high waisted knee-length skirt is made of a beautiful sequined fabric.  The bodice is a shiny black satin with sulpted puff sleeves.  The scuplted black satin scarf is included.

Next is the gorgeouos black and gold Mellie gold, a short cocltail dress with hem of the multi-tiered skirt above the knee.  the texture is a nice organic brocade of golden leaves on black.  the shoulder cuffs are sculpted prims and the black satin gloves are included.


In the middle is the all black Arja, which combines a ruched satin bodice with a delicate tafetta knee-length skirt. the collar and shoulder cuffs are luxurious fur and black satin gloves are included.

Second from the right is the Agatha skirtsuit in beige.  This ensemble consists of a long sleeve jacket and knee-length pencil skirt.  The jacket has a prim flared bottom over the hips and sculpted prim cuffs.  the jacket comes in two versions, one to use with the sculpted prim collar and one with the collar in the texture.  the highlights of this outfit accentuate the shape and bust.  It is also available in grey.

 the last outfit, on the right, is the Oline in black with magenta belt.  This one combines a simple black pencil skirt with a belted blouse.  The flared bottom of the blouse is slightly pleated and poof sleeves are sculpted prims.  The belt comes in several colors in addition to the magenta shown here: dark grey, lavender, pink, red, teal and white.

If you like what is presented here, be sure to stop by Neferia’s shop to see the rest of this exciting new collection, there is much more to see.  With a range of styles to fit most occasions this autumn season, everyone’s wardrobe has room for several of these new designs.

Also seen in the photo are ETD Tyra hair and jewelry from Kraftika.