Fashion is a global phenomenon with every cultural having its own histories that influence development of local styles.  With Second Life being accessible from around the globe, it stands to reason that we would see fashion styles from many cultures brought here.  The fact that many residents like to learn about and experience designs from other areas bodes well for designers of authentic regional fashion.  One such designer that is worth knowing about is Vlinder Reitveld of Vlintuition.  Vlinder specializes in the design of authentic asian styles, among them, Indian, Chinese and Mongolian.  Her travels throughout Asia allow her to keep abreast of local fashion trends and she strives to recreate these fashions accurately in Second Life.

Above is pictured Vlinder’s most recent Indian release, the Kala Gown in Navy.  What is striking about this garment is the highly detailed embroidery at the hem, waist of the lehenga and on the cap sleeve choli.  The prim parts of the lehenga blend almost seemlessly with the underlying pants layer.  The matching dupatta is sculpted at the shoulders with the front and back ends flex for natural movement.  This outfit includes a pair of bracelets.  The Kala Gown also comes in Orchid, Coal, Sky and Crimson. 

Vlinder expands the range of some of her designs by offering add-ons alter the theme of the outfit.  Two add-on sets are available for Kala, one is the Arabia set that transforms the outfit as seen above.  We see the same color scheme with a briefer choli and semi-sheer pantaloons. The dupatta is extended to wrap around the head.  The torso is adorned with a body chain.  A second add on offers a more modest full coverage option useful for fantasy play.

For anyone interested in authentic Asian fashion, a visist to Vlintuition is highly recomended.  There you will find an ever growing range of authentic styles from a number of regions.  While there, don’t forget to join the Midnight Madness board.

The hair seen in the photos is Tukinowaguma Natarry A ebony and the shoes are Maitreya Slinky Stilettos – Steel Blue.