Alienbear has long been known for its high quality, high fashion jewelry designs and the recently released Azucena set is a wonderful addition its line.  Besides continuing the tradition of expert craftsmanship, the Azucena collection is also versatile, with an elaborate or more simple design choice kown.  Below the necklace, earrings and crown of each style are pictured. 

The necklace is made of two pieces which allows for wearing it as the simpler version on the left or the full two piece ornate version on the right.  Two sets of earrings, Azucena I and II, are available to match the necklace in either version.  The crown is available in the Princess (left) or Queen (right) versions as seen above.  Both sets are elegant and stylish, it’s only a matter of how ornate you want your jewelry to be. 

To complete the set, a pair of matching bracelets is available.  They are styled in such a way that they can be worn with either of the styles above.  The Azucena collection is shown here in Soft Antique Gold but is also available in Gold and Platinum.  All of the pieces exhibit an exceptional level of detail in both the metal and diamonds.  The diamonds have a small flicker of bling which can easily be turned off.  Once turned off, it remains off even if removed and worn again until turned on again, so each person can set their jewelry how they like it and not have to worry about it each time they wear it.  Azucena is certainly worthy of a place in anyones jewelry chest and is likely to be worn on many occasions in various assemblages as warranted.

The hair seen above is Tukinowaguma Kara in ebony and the skin is Baiastice D. Casting-Peach-make up7 BK.