If your wardrobe is in need of some color, a visit to The Graceful Lily should be considered.  Whether you’re looking for formal, casual or club wear, Talia Lefavre brings her unique use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns to each style.  Talia is also an artist, you can see some of her works displayed at her store, and that aspect of her shows in her design work.  It’s as if she is creating a work of art with the body as the canvas and the clothing being the medium.

This first sample of her work, above, is a combination of the Egyptian Top in Orange and Blue Quilted Pants sold separately.  Aside from the top being a vivid and saturated hue, it is made more interesting by the stylized cutout of Egyptian style motifs.  The wave-like pattern of the pants offers a nice contrast to the design of the top.  The prim cuffs and thigh buckle add some attitude to this colorful ensemble.  The top is also available in red, coffee and black, while the pants come in green and tan in addition to the blue seen here.  This look is completed with Stiletto Moody Bitch Booties.  Hair is GIRLO from ::69:: in Charcoal and the skin is Baiastice_D. Casting-Peach-make up18 BK.

It is also evident that Talia draws on nature for some of her inspiration.  Many of her designs use natural themes for the patterns as exemplified by Hibiscus, seen above.  This outfit combines a top and skirt incorporating the colors and shape of the hibiscus flower artistically into their patterns.  The top is an open lattice pink with a bloom strategically over each breast.  The prim skirt is made of several layers that move gracefully to reveal the flowered pattern as it swirls, the layers playing against each other to give the impression of the flowers swaying in a breeze.  A prim sash defines the waist and optional leg cuffs allow you to wear this without the skirt as a top and pants set.  Here is added Dangle Beads Earrings in Rose Quartz from EarthStones.  The hair is Vanessa in ebony from Tukinowaguma and the skin is Baiastice_D. Casting-Peach-make up17 BK

There are many more interesting designs to choose from at The Graceful Lily, each one of them unique and artful.  Talia’s creations are well made and fun to wear.  For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere currently struggling through this grey winter, try brightening your days with these vibrant designs.