As designers from around the world gather in New York to showcase their latest designs in the world-famed New York Fashion Week, which runs from the 4th to the 12th of September, the Ewing Fashion Agency puts forward its own offering with FIRST IMPRESSIONS III. If there is one show you must not miss this month, then FIRST IMPRESSIONS III is definately a contender. On the 11th of September, FIRST IMPRESSIONS will be back at the Chocolate Runway with a new and exciting array of designers, models and sponsors to mark real life fashion week which is taking. FIRST IMPRESSIONS III is simply bursting with novelty, glamour, drama and freshness. This one has especially a lot to offer the discerning male with amazing hair designs from various designers and as usual, delicious clothing items for the ladies. The show has received vast support and sponsorship from some key players in design and fashion world, which is super exciting for all you freebie goody bag lovers. Now models? We have five new debuting models, which is again very exciting for the show and the team as well as the established event models, who bring their own class of style and glamour to the show. Please read below for event information.

Pictured from left to right (top row) Alfie Korobase, Rivers Noriega, Rena Mascot, Una Ewing, Nikita Ewing, Steve Hansen, Keane Hax, (middle row)Laydeebird Chastity, (front row) Jeanne Varun.


  • Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)
  • Bryce Tully
  • Cay Trudeau
  • Neferia Abel


  • Nikita Ewing
  • Rena Mascot
  • Laydeebird Chastity

Debuting Models 

  • Jeanne Varun (Event Debutante)
  • Keane Hax (Event Debutante)
  • Rivers Noriega (Event Debutante)


Main Event Sponsor

  • Maximilian March of Max March Industries

 Wall Space Sponsors 

  • ARTACASA by Stanjak Qi
  • Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)

 Gooby Bag Sponsor

  • Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)
  • A&B Parfums  by Arkady Shatzkin
  • Tuli Asturias

Hostess Attire Sponsors

  • Tuli Asturias

After Show Party!

No FIRST IMPRESSIONS show is complete without our “more than memorable” after parties. The theme for this one is cops and robbers, so get your handcuffs and jail bird suits out of the closet, dust them down and prepare to join in the “hoo haa” on the ocean front at Saint Helene!!

This is a night not to be missed. Please IM Bobie Woodget if you wish to be added to the VIP guest list.


The agency wanted to create a uniform for models enrolling for the training to wear. During training, it is important to be able to see how the body moves and turns during the practical exercises, so we needed something tight-fitting and yet attractive also. We searched for a designer who was willing to make a custom uniform for us – as most of you may know, many designers shy away from custom, because it is unprofitable, or charge an “arm and a leg” for the work. We eventually came across Laciara Rossini, who immediately went to work with great enthusiasm and fore-thought. Lachiara, thank you so much for working with us.

We are pleased to show the new design in black and white, modelled here on the school’s runway.


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