Una Ewing

 – CEO of Ewing Fashion Agency.

Tiffany Dragonash

Rena Mascot

 – Lead Model

Ella Quinsette

 – Education Manager



Fashion Writers, Reviewers and Interviewers



Katalina Michalak

Tammy Trommler

Vixie Rayna



Please contact Tiffany Dragonash with any comments, concerns or queries you have regarding the blog, its staff and its policies.

All fashion writers are able to review content providing you follow our Review Policy. It is to their discretion whether they review an item or not. The recommendation is that you contact Tiffany Dragonash prior to sending staff your folder, so she can direct you to the correct person.

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  1. […] I came back this week from a short holiday, so I’m only just getting back to normal life. I discovered a review package in my inventory today from SPIRIT SKINS which SavannahAnn McMillan sent me. I love to see and try out new things, and absolutely love to receive nice presents. I am a terrible reviewer though. Luckily for you, at EFA there are a lot of good reviewers. If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, you have seen the posts from Aleida, Tiffany, Kayella and the rest of the team. To make it easier for designers, Eleania has updated our review policies. Please read them to guarantee you get the best review from EFA. You can check a list of staff here. […]

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