The EFA Fashion Blog enjoys the opportunity to discover new fashion trends within SecondLife™. We’re honored to review your newest releases. If you would like us to review your designs, please send a folder titled “EFA Blog Review Request – [DD-MM-YY]” with the following contents:

  • A subfolder named [Review – name of item] containing the item(s) for review;
  • A notecard containing your name, the brand name and any special instructions or requests – i.e. “Do not blog before the 15th” or “Will be available from the 15th”. Anything particular about the product, your brand, store or design style. We will try to accomodate with your requests as much as possible. The notecard should also contain pricing information, a landmark to your place of business, item permissions (i.e. copy/mod) and a blog link if applicable. 

We will then respond to your request informing you if and when we intend to blog it – the request does not guarantee the items will be covered.

EFA understands the effort that goes into designing and promoting your items, and we will make every effort to blog notable items received in a timely manner, or communicate reasons in cases where we will not be blogging the items. If you do not see your item reviewed and have not otherwise heard from EFA, please feel free to contact Eleania Rosenberg at ‘r.eleania at yahoo dot com’ with your name, brand and date of submission. Please use an appropriate email title.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about any of our reviews, please contact Una Ewing at unaewing at gmail dot com or Eleania Rosenberg. We look forward to hearing from you!

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