Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pictures

Be welcom to share your pictures in the Ewing Fashion Agency FLICKR group

The Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to state that we are having outstanding numbers of entries for the Angel of the Month.  This makes us exceptionally happy, in that we love to see the creativity of each woman’s entry for this amazing monthly selection and the benefits that are reaped by everyone who engages.


Each month photos are accepted via the Angel Dessous-Angel of the MonthFlicker Group from the 1st to the 20th.  Photos should be tagged with “Angel Dessous”, “Angel of the Month”, the month of submission  and the name of the lingerie set. 

Starting next month (April), there will be a limit of 2 photo sumissions with a minimum size of 512 x 512 pixels.

A panel of three judges comprised of an EFA employee and two third party professionals will select the best three.  The top photo will be awarded the following:

L$10.000 from Angel Dessous
Angel Of The Month designation for the month following your entry.
Photo shoot in a new/recent Angel Dessous release for display in the Angel Dessous main store.
30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program(subject to acceptance to the program).

Two honorable mentions will each receive an Angel Dessous store gift card and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program (subject to acceptance to the program).

All photos are to be of models in Angel Dessous lingerie.  Selection will be based on model looks, styling and creativity.

Each month, the selected Angel will be announced on the EFA Fashion Blog and in RUNWAY Magazine.
This is a program for all woman.  Therefore we invite all ladies,  who enjoy fashion, to enter and show your brilliance in your style, looks and creativity.  This is a wonderful way to show yourself off and to recieve an amazing award.  Angel Dessous has such beautiful lingerie items and any woman who puts them on her body will look like a million Linden Dollars and sexy beyond belief.  Now is your opportunity ladies, to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, by showing off your beautiful body and becoming more acquainted with the lovely Angel Dessous designs.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for the aspiring model interested in entering the Ewing Elite Modeling Training Program.  Don’t wait apply now.



Joanna in Pink


Ewing Fashion Agency and Angel Dessous Lingerie, are pleased to announce the beautiful Sabine Blackburn as Angel Dessous’ Angel of the Month for March, 2009.  There were so many creative entries and judging was difficult to decide the right woman.  Yet in the end it came down to the lovely photograph presented by Sabine.  For being selected as the March Angel, she was awarded $L10,000, a photo shoot with Stella Stapleton (Sabine shown above wearing the ensemble Joanna in Pink), a photo from which will be displayed at Angel Dessous’ mainstore and in RUNWAY Magazine and given a 30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program.  Congratulations Sabine!


Award Winning Photograph – Sabine Blackburn

There were two honorable mentions and they were Freyja Nemeth and Sweetparadise Giano.  These ladies were awarded a gift card to Angel Dessous Lingerie and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program.  We would like to thank them for their lovely entries and winning the honorable mentions.


Pictures of EFA-AIFW2009 by Tillie Ariantho

Be welcom to share your pictures in the Ewing Fashion Agency FLICKR group

EFA-AIFW2009 Invite event by Kafee Iwish


You are cordially invited to be our guest at EFA-AIFW2009, Now, Then, Soon

Monday 26 January 2009

9.30 – 12.00 AM SLT

Ischia, Ewing Fashion District


After removing more than 1500 prims from Ischia, the building of the EFA-AIFW2009 venue could begin! EGG Development started to reproduce the atmosphere of the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam at Ischia. Joy Laperriere and Minky Mousehold are not new faces for EFA, they also build the event area for EFA-First Fusion show last year. You can recognize their building by the great textures they use and the attention for little details. EGG Development has his base in Singapore, maybe thats explain there high quality and taste for luxury. One of their interest is fashion and the connection between RL and SL, a good example is their latest show for TANGS, a real world mall. They designed and build the props, runway and clothes! I am happy to have them connected at the EFA-AIFW2009and curious to see what their vision is on the Beurs van Berlage.

During building I had the change to have a little chat with Joy Laperriere and ask her a few questions. 

EFA-AIFW2009 Joy EGG Development 1EFA-AIFW2009 - Joy - EGG Development 2

Joy Lapierriere (EGG DEvelopment) during building of the eventarea (work in progress). Thanks to Aleida Rhode for making the pictures.


Joy, have you ever been in Amsterdam? Your building reproduce so well the Dutch atmosphere.

Unfortunately not yet. However, it is on my list of Must Go Tos!

At the time of EFA-First Fusion, EGG Development did not exsist yet. When and how did EGG Development start?

EGG Development was founded by both Minky Mousehold & myself. We are both working with First Meta as our fulltime and as my personal assistant, Minky and myself experienced great synergies working together. Best of all.. we discovered we shared the same passion which was.. Content Creation!Through word of mouth, we were approached by individuals, sl and rl companies on custom projects.Gradually, as time goes by after multiple projects we realised that we are overwhelmed. Hence, the birth of EGG Development sometime around March 2008. We have then recruited more renown designers and members to our family which will strengthen us in bringing new projects from incubation to hatch. EGG Development does not only build but we provide full turnkey services from builds, content creation, fashion, machinima to marketing & advertisements. The time has finally come and we have hired renown designers to join us in launching our new label My Wardrobe this March! Look out for us while we bridge SL & RL to bring you the latest trends!

How did you prepare yourself for creating this venue?

This event area was inspired by the actual event taking place in real life at Beurs Van Berlage. I googled and did a bit of research on the history and the design of the architectural buildings.I picked this as I think it represents the flavour of the city. Especially when the theme of this event is spurred by 2 beautiful art pieces that represents the past, present and the future. I believe the exterior and interior of this build forms a fusion to represent the main theme for this awesome fashion event. 

EFA-AIFW2009 - Beurs van Berlage by EGG DevelopmentEFA-AIFW2009 - Joy - EGG Development 3 

The building is not yet finished, but looks already good! Compliments. How much time does it takes to make a building like this?

A building like this usually takes about 1 week to complete provided there is no outage or technical glitches within Second Life as we all know how that gets!

What are the biggest challenges for making this building?

Hmm, I would have to say the biggest challenge was to form a fusion between art deco and postmodernism in both the facade and the interior design.

You take some special things in account when building a fashionshow venue?
Most definitely. To make the fashion show work, we must always firstly check what kind of colours and theme are the apparels going to be before we proceed to build the venue. The venue and the apparels on runway should always complement each other.
Give us a little tip Joy, what are your do and donts when building?

Well, I think patience and an eye for details is most prudent to take your build from plan to completion.


Also curious to see how the event area will look when the building is finished? Be welcom at the EFA-AIFW2009 show at 26 Janaury 2009! 


EFA-AIFW2009 logo EGG Development

About EGG Development

It is our passion to provide a 1 stop suite of services and products for all your Design, building and marketing needs. MISSION: Bring your business model from incubation to hatch! In layman terms, to plan, design and execute. We believe in bridging the real and virtual worlds to create and enhance brand presence that takes brand equity to a whole new level. After all, it is a Virtual World with Real Economy. Do not hesitate to contact us for a chat on how we can contribute to your company’s online success: Joy Laperriere –  and Minky Mousehold –


EFA-AIFW2009 (logo red)EGG Development will create the venue for the EFA-AIFW2009 event based on the Beurs van Berlage at Amsterdam.

SECOND LIFE, 15 January 2009 – At 11.00 AM SLT on the 26th of January 2009, the Ewing Fashion Agency will once again be joining forces with the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice for another Second Life/Real World simutaneous fashion event.  During the live fashion show at Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam – The Netherlands), the Ewing Fashion Agency will host the Second Life version of the show at its Ischia sim location, where EGG Development will reproduce the venue of the show, The Beurs van Berlage.  Building on the success of last years First Fusion show, this year each event will be viewable to the other as they occur.  The Real World creations of Real World designers Jennifer Delano, Melanie Brown and Eleonore de Ruuk  are being recreated for the Second Life production by a talented lineup of Second Life designers: Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Simone Stern, Sysy Chapman and Zaara Kohime.  In acknowledgement of significance of these innovative collaborations, Runway Magazine and DX Exchange have signed on as corporate sponsors for the event. Beside the fashion show, also the DJ will be presented in both world, Damien. S will be on stage in the Beurs van Berlage and at Ischia during the show.

About the Ewing Fashion Agency
The Ewing Fashion Agency  (EFA) is full service fashion and promotions agency operating in Second Life and specialised in promoting virtual and real-life brands, including the coordination of complex events fashion and promotion events run in Second Life and real-life simultaneously. We are an international work force with over ten languages – including Polish, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and English. We have solid methodology that ensures our clients get the service the deserve and the value they deserve. 

EFA-AIFW2009 - logo RUNWAY Magazine

About RUNWAY Magazine

RUNWAY Magazine is a monthly in-world publication dedicated to the promotion of fashion, modeling and design in Second Life.  RUNWAY features the who’s  who in the fashion world in Second Life, the seasoned designers, models and agencies, as well as the fresh new up and coming talent on and off the runway. RUNWAY has always maintained its neutrality in working with designers and fashion agencies in Second Life by covering all the fashion shows and events to bring its readers the latest news, updates and revues of the designers captured as they happen. With a circulation of over 65.000 readers monthly in-world, RUNWAY is hands down the best fashion read in Second Life.


EFA-AIFW2009 - logo DX Exchange

About DX Exchange

DX Exchange is based in the Netherlands and is a 3D media company and Virtual Service Provider that offers his services in the field of virtual internet. Since 2007 DX Exchange has been creating and running 3D communities. DX Exchange was founded in 2006 as a currency exchange office for the Dutch community in the ‘Second Life’ virtual world, and is currently expanding to the surrounding countries, other platforms and more exchange services. The DX Exchange payment system makes it possible to exchange Euros for virtual money and vice versa , using accepted and leading local payment methods and support.  Currently in Second Life the company serves some 20,000 customers. For more information, see


EFA - The Artist Advice
About the Artists Advice
The Artist Advice is a management and consultancy company for artists. The Artist Advice gives advice, coaches and provides management for artists such as: models, actors, dancers, singers, extra’s, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, bands, dj’s and other artists. The Artist Advice was been founded by Jennifer Delano in 2005. Today our team consists of seven motivated employees and from our offices in Amsterdam the careers of hundreds of artists are being managed. The mission of The Artist Advice is to help artists getting started and to keep artist working, using their own strengths. We seek personal and durable relationships, in which open communications, excellent collaboration and mutual trust are the main ingredients. 

EFA - AIFW2009

About Amsterdam Fashion Week

“AIFW is steadily establishing itself as a young and directional alternative to the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. Focusing on Amsterdam’s reputation as an inspiring city, the AIFW programme combines commerce with creativity. Alongside our catwalk show schedule our programme includes fashion events, lectures, exhibitions, retail initiatives and parties. As well as a showcase for Dutch fashion, AIFW provides a stage for the growing New Luxury segment, that so far was stuck between existing mainstream trade events and traditional couture weeks. Only an hour or so away from anywhere, our city has a lot to offer: a growing pool of talent, an inspiring place to visit and a vibrant place to do business. Editions of AIFW were held twice a year since July 2004. AIFW is attracting a growing audience of directional international”.
EFA @ Amsterdam International Fashion Week Team:
Una Ewing
Tiffany Dragonash
Connie Molinaro

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