Angels Dessous by Nando Korobase is well-known secondlife lingerie designer and does a lot of wonderfull designs. His Pleasure line is the first new release in 2009 which also comes with a gown line in the same style.


The picture shown above is the Pleasure gown line which comes in a short and long version, and you can play around with styles because each sets comes with different layer options as long/short pants, fur, jacket, corset and long/short skirts – add or remove fur, wanna be sexy then wear short skirt and if its a bit cold outside, wear the jacket. This gown line comes in black, green and red color options.



         This weeks blog is centered around a tried and true, well respected designer of womens boots




When I first came into Second Life, I became intrigued with it’s clothing  fashion and all aspects of it.  At first I didn’t know where to turn to find good clothing or how to make my avatar look human and beautiful and well coiffured.  I did find a wonderful woman HoneyBear Lillihook, who took me under wing and helped me.  To this day we are still best of friends.  She is now the person I have known the longest in Second Life.

Honey showed me how to find good clothing and shoes and helped me with designers.  The first pair of boots that I saw on a woman that really stood out to me I fell in love with.  I IM’d the woman and asked her if she would please tell me where she got her boots and she sent me a landmark for Bax Boots.  At that moment I rushed over to the main store and bought my first pair, that has been a year now.  I still love them as much as when I first ever spotted them being worn.  Still in my mind, no other boot out there compares to the all over design and quality of the Bax Boot.


There are a lot of different ways of making skin, one is hand-drawing, where you start from scratch, second is you mix hand-drawn with photorealistic sources and third is when the photosourced is dominating. What you like, is personal choice.  

Today I would like to introduce a relatively new skin designer, Joakim Asbrink, and she is absolutely not a noob when it comes to making skins. In her own words: “I have always been looking for realistic skin since my first day here in Second Life, so I started out mixturing with textures and making custom work for myself. I have always been creative and loving to make things for myself.  When my skins got better and better along with the tecniques, I decided to start selling skins. I love to be inspired by celebrity skins and put them into Second Life and I have already been inspired of, for example Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Tese,  Jennifer Lopez and many more.” 


When I joined SL nearly a year ago, I coincidently landed on Tableau where Paper Couture have their shop and I admired the designs and creativity. Being my curious self, I researched through the designer’s profile and found out that Paper Couture consists of a group of the very talented Lu sisters. They have since then been my absolute favorite designers. By the way, Paper Couture and its designs remind me very much of the real life British designer John Galliano both ín colour and style.

I have been waiting for a very long time for the Lu sisters to release their next collection. I kept my eyes open all the time and finally they announced their Spring 2008 collection. YAY! I was quick enough to go to Tableu as soon as I logged in and I don’t know what happened to me – I have to admit it : I’m a Paper Couture shopaholic! Yes, I think I bought the whole collection – well, no, but nearly 🙂

For today’s post, I have only picked 2 sets of their entire collection, “Divinchy” and “Rosette,” so stay tuned, because next week I will be bringing 2 other sets from my PC to you!

What I see in “Divinchy”: The big hat makes you feel like a Diva whatever you’re wearing. The design and details are awesome. Prims are sculpted well, depending on your avatars body, you may adjust them a little to make them fit better. The style reminds me of “The three musketeers” from the 16th century. There is something interesting about the black bag – as soon you are wear it, a message pops up asking: “Would you like to animate your avatar?” By saying yes, the bag moves smoothly along with your movement and for photo shoots, where you have to be on a posestand or have your hud on, I recommend hitting “no”, else you will look funny with the bag while posing.



As you can see, we have written a lot about our fabulous AltaModa & Baiastice show from last week. Ssince I was on the catwalk myself together with Rena Mascot, Tempest Hennesy, Bobie Woodget, Silky Trilling and Haruka Kish, I would like to present Haute Couture – Baiastice Pizzo Rosso dress which wasn’t presented at the show. The dress and its design spiced with Stiletto Moody´s pump Angelstrap in Merlot makes a woman feel elegant and a bit sexy. Suitable as an evening dress or for going out on a hot date – remember, the colour red is sensual, warm and sexy without loosing its femininity.

Dress available from Baiastice

Shoes from Stiletto Moody

Skin: MM Light SkinGloss-North from Minnu Palen

Pearl necklace: Celine Pearl Necklace from MUSE Fine Jewelry

Hair: Faith – Pecan from Cake



After sessions on how to quickly change, rebake textures and go in appearance mode while at show to avoid looking like Ruth or having some items missing on your body, we started with practice in walking and posing on the runway. Questions aroused among students: Can we use static poses? Shall we always return to default pose after a pose? Well, static poses – they belong to the photo studio! Choose a pose you would like to return to after another pose and it is what we call default pose. You can have 2 default poses, depending on your experience and how the transition happens – should preferably look smooth from one transition to another.

Tempest Hennesy, our top model: If you happen to be on a runway and lag is bad and you stumble off – what do you think you could do in a situation like this? Do not assume you can walk, jump or climb back – looks extremely sloppy and unprofessional.

Answers from students: “Tp to the backstage,” “Get depressed and go home,” “Tp home, and then Tp back,” “Walk confidently to the backstage area.”

Opportunities are many, but the best a model can do is to walk confidently to the backstage area and always with poise and grace – whatever, own it.


Hello again fashion folks, hope you all had a pleasant Easter holiday. Thinking of how it would look like if I mix-matched with as many designer clothes as possible. Oh, yes that would be fun and here is what I have collected and put together into something funky. Many of these clothes you see in the pictures are old releases, few are new ones. MUISM recently released the “Cindy” hair, which I am wearing in black shine colour. Sweet earphones are from Canimal and so is the skirt. Socks are from the well-known designer LeeZuBaxter, which are nice to wear when the weather is still cold. The shirt comes in 3 parts – which means you can either walk with your stomach showing, hide it or take the striped sleeves on arms off – and is a design by Kya Eliot from *Hexed* Alt. To make your look a little sexier, high-heeled sandals, designed by Infiniti Miriki from Mary Jane shoes, give the look a final twist.



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