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The normal 11th hour panic session preceded the event kick-off. I had left the texturing of the venue till the last minute. Amazing what a fab chic black marble texture can do. Guests walked a trail of red carpets and photo-op walls with logos featuring EFA, OnRez and First Meta logos. Then came into our themed Egyptian event hall. Guests were then greeted by beautiful bunny girls dressed by battered boudoir (Eloria Leshelle) and Szentasha Fashions (Jynne Salome). The show kicked off with a performance by a number of beautiful ballerinas and renditions of Swan Lake and then at 11AM, my platform descended.

My character for this event was an Egyptian princess, but I missed the male “slaves” I needed for my descent and since we had reached 98 high-ranking fashionistas before the start of the show and we were walking on the moon, I figured I would start without them. The script worked perfectly. Thanks to Jabba Aabye, except the chat and response lag of about two minutes presented a challenge few could dismiss. DJ Syriana streamed an arabesque tune called loving girl, which was perfect for the descent and opening of the show and dance – after which I changed into numerous colour variations of the the “Una” dress made by Simone Stern.

The turn out was simply AMAZING! Huds and tools had been taken off. It was either hair and clothes next, so after the sim crashed, the first thing we did was to get rid of the chairs – easier for the standing ovations, let say and it allowed us (some of use atleast) to keep our hair for the paparazzi within the crowd. A fantastic time was had by all and the three hour show was followed by a three hour party by Syriana Paine. Starr Singer with her amazing voice did join us for about 15 minutes, which was as also, an amazing pleasure! The event goodbag was sponsored by EarthStones (Abraxxa Anatine). Below is a run down of the presenters and winners and the event pictures by Tillie Ariantho.


The Results!

Category Single Category – Footwear

Presenter: Betty Doyle

Nominees: Infiniti Mirihi, Hagen DeSantis, Indira Bekkers, Deni Morigi, Ansor Hooorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson

Winner: Ansor Hooorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson    (more…)


The Ewing Fashion Agency lauched its new members’s club lounge ICONICA with an amazig six hour party that kicked-off straight after the model auction! All guests were given special entry bracelets that they had to wear in order to access the venue via the teleport systems. ICONICA which means iconic in Italian is fitting as a name for the club lounge, which was constructed with fashion and design in mind – it is truly alla mode – decorated stylishly in deep autumnal colours in the members’ indoor area and aqua blue reflective effects created by the hot tub that is set against classic neutral colours in the outdoor area, the club is aesthetically pleasing, the surroundigs, quiet and its position offers an opportunity to experience an amazing sunset or two.

The club is dedicated to and for the enjoyment of “friends” of the Ewing Fashion Agency – which includes members of its VIP list, sponsors, and some of the few names that dropped in for a quick shake of the tail – namely Callie Cline, Maxmilian March, cadence Juran, Liliu Maximov and Isadora Fiddlestick. A celebrity DJ organisation and record label kept guests entertained for way too long into the night. I personally attempted a number of times to leave, but it ever felt like the right moment, because the music and atmostphere was amazing, until the DJ finally spun the last tune and it was all over. I can say that an amazig time was had by all if this is any indication of the future events to come, then I look forward to them!


 The final day of EFA Fashion Week rakes in another L$ 64,000 for Pink Ribbon – the actual is L$ 64,483 bring the grand total to L$ 354,564!! Guests arrived in quite large numbers until it was practically impossible to move because of the lag. In alphabetical order each model came out, introdced themselves and their skills before bidding commenced. It was admittedly challenging to sell people, but things were soon in full swing and people such as Cadence Juran of Crescendo Corporation and Celebrity Trollop of Second Style Magazine who collected over L$ 25,000 between them needed no assistance at all. The audience comprised our main sponsors Limer Fredriksson and Ansor Horenbeek or [hoorenbeek] Quality clothing as well as business magnate Maximilian March of Max March Industries. All the models did exceptioally well and we heard some pretty touching and interesting stories for why they had chosen to take part in a fund raiser of this sort. It was truly and enjoyable and great event and the money raised was just confirmation of that.

The Ewing Fashion Agency would like to thank all who came, participated and supported us. You have helped us make this what it is – thank you!

Event Pictures

Event pictures by Tillie Ariantho

Another successful EFA Fashion Week event collects over L$ 100,000 for Pink Ribbon! This time the format was a charity auction with volunteer model presenting items kindly donated by various designers around the grid. Here are the event highlights.

Event Pictures

Event pictures by Tillie Ariantho


Another successful EFA Fashion Week event takes the donation box total up to L$ 290 081. That is 290% of our original goal. The evening started with a few glitches – including a fatal crash by the host – that would be me. I came back and did not rezz properly, but the show went on with gusto – in full ruth glorlyfor thr next 20 minutes, including missing shoe base until the system started responding again, but that was short-lived. The auction nearly stopped when no one could effect any more payments – server side errors, stake requests and all sorts. We had also gone way past the two hour time slot, but the heat was on, the atmostphere was thick with competition (mostly) friendly and the crowd wanted more. So at the final item – which happened to be Indyra Seigo’s simple three piece pant, top and jacket combo called the Armada, the crowd fought tooth and nail in good charitable spirit to bring the total donation for that item alone to L$ 21251!! There were othr high-earners – totally incredible. I could not type fast enough as the bids poured in. We had so much fun, but I dread to think of the number of people who will be cupping their faces in their hands tomorrow wandering “what the hell was I thinking” just before uploading the linden. The total raised is made up of the L$ 122k we raised from teh charity auction, plus the the approximate figure of L$ 115k raised by the Cafe Society and the L$ 52 raised solely by the placement of boxes.

Pink Ribbon we have done you proud. I cannot wait until the model auction tomorrow.


 I blogged the auction event before actually logging in-world to check the updates on the donation box and saw it emitting red smoke. I panicked a little thinking O my god, what now? and then arrived at the box to see the indicator red bar right at the top. The goal of L$ 100,000 has been reached and surpassed by L$ 68,000. The total is L$ 168,000. Inexplicable — last time I saw the box was about 5 hours ago and we had collected something in the range of about L$ 56,000. I simple cannot believe it! but thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have contributed – I hope you are reading this. The show is to commence at 11AM – see you there!

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