Setting up and running a business is no easy feat and selection of the right employees is part of the challenge. This is true in the real world where one does need money too buy not only luxuries, but bare necessities such as food and clothing, but perhaps even more pronounced in Second Life where food is not an issue and the choice to work is really more of a choice than a necessity.

When looking for employment, where do you go to find reputable organiations with a good track record with whom you can grow and rest assured that come payday, they will not have gone AWOL (with you wages) and for the numerous employers and designers who are now choosing to staff their shops with customer service assistants, because it does pay to offer a certain level of service, where do you go to find people that you can rely on to represent you brand and values, who will not teleport to the nearest party sim the moment you log off. This service is of value to any person or organisation looking for trustworthy help i.e. photographers, personal assistants, designers to create custom pieces, writers, bloggers, adminitative staff, PR and promotions people, models, agencies, events planners and so forth.

Just launched, the EFA Jobs Mall is meeting place between employers and job seekers. Employers can post jobs and browse resumes, view applications and respond to applicants. Applicants can find work, browse employer profiles and register their interest in positions all without leaving the site. 

Use of the site is absolutely free for job seekers and new employer registrants get a 20 free post selcting the 5 for 30 days offer.

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