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A new luxury brand is soon to launch in Second Life and looking for talented people to work with.

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Also sought: Models, Marketing and Event Staff and Builders.

Nothing can make an outfit so desirable as a good picture. It makes you search for your wallet and want to put on your coat to get away with your copy.  When you have it, you try to recapture the image of the picture while trying the outfit on yourself, wanting the stunning look like the model had and hoping for the feeling it first invoked.  This is one of the reasons that a good designer cannot live without a good fashion photographer.

Connie Arida is such a fashion photographer.  With her sexy blond look and her perfect feeling for styling, she makes every outfit a piece to die for.  How does she do this?  Time to have a talk with her and to introduce her to you, because you will be seeing more work from her on the EFA blog.  She responded to my call for participation in the EFA-AIFW2009 and henceforth will be our official event photographer for this show.

EFA - Connie Sec - fav1It's done in my home, at my dressing table, it's simple, direct and I look real (to me).

Left: My Artilleri Cha Cha Pants, one of my earliest purchases in SL, that red Primouth car, the unusual baked on hair on the skin, the totally Modded hair made into a Pony, and it’s a featured pic in the Global Artists Flickr Group. It’s my past, my present and appreciation from Photographers outside of SL that makes it special.

Right: It’s done in my home, at my dressing table, it’s simple, direct and I look real (to me).

Who is Connie Arida or must I say Connie Sec?

In 1st life, I’m a student studying Environmental Science after completing my Lab Technology diploma.  Arida is my SL surname..and Sec is my Flickr Surname…’cos I’ll always be “Just a sec”.  ( yea yea..weak joke). I live in Sydney, Australia, and have been in SL since April 2007. While I am an SL photography addict, my 1st life does come first and I made a promise to myself a long while back that SL and 1st life would not mix. My Flickr is where I post all my pics, though I do post some to Koinup, and Facebook..and others. My Blog is just my fashion shots, with a list of the outfits and accesories and where thay are from.  I like to feature lesser known or new designers if I can. Basically, I like to help out. I don’t charge 99% of the time. Apart from that, I spend time with my SL partner, see my SL sister and friends, furnish my home, terraform and don’t get out as much as I should. I hit the Big 30 a while back ( Runs to the edge of the grid, and jumps)

Watch out with jumping, I am already laying there! When did you start with fashion photography?

I started Flickr in about the middle of 07 as a sort of everyday record of the happenings in my SL life. Over time, it’s morped into clothes, “Art” and silliness. I love SL fashion and like to find things that I like ( especially from little known designers) and photograph them. I mainly do it for my own pleasure and relaxation…it’s better than writing a scientific report with Harvard referencing 🙂


Have you always wanted to work for a prestigious fashion agency in second life?  Now may be your chance.  The Ewing Fashion Agency is currently looking for experienced, self-motivated people to join our team of dedicated fashion professionals.  If you are skilled at Public Relations, Event Management or Editting and would like to be part of an exciting and professional team in the fashion industry, apply on our website and send your resume to Tiffany Dragonash.  Exciting things are happening at EFA and in the Second Life fashion industry as well.  We are looking for team oriented and talented people to share in our efforts to make the most of our opportunities.


We are also looking for writers to contribute to the EFA Fashion Blog on a regular basis.  Writing for a well read blog is a great way to make yourself known to the fashion industry.  If you have talent as a writer with an interest in anything fashion related, apply at our website and list references.  You may also send samples of your writings to Tiffany Dragonash.  Potential advancement and model opportunities for those with appropriate talents.

You have only one week left to enter the EFA Blog Banner Contest, which is in celebration of us reaching 100 Thousand blog hits!

With the chance to win some amazing prizes, valued at up to L$60,000, and gain instant fame for your graphics art skills, this is a contest you won’t want to miss out on. A full feature in ALTAMODA magazine and free advertising are just a few of the many great prizes for the winner.

Click here for the full information on the contest and prizes.

The deadline for this contest is [[] July 5th at 8am SLT []] and the winner will be announced at the EFA 100,000 Hits party!


EFA is recruiting! Launched just five months ago, the Ewing Fashion Agency have built a large following for the FIRST IMPRESSIONS fashion shows, launched the EFA blog, held the EFA Fashion Week in association with Second Style Magazine, launched an online network for friends of the agency, launched the EFA Fashion Apprentice and looking foward to the EFA Design Awards in January with Onrez. The agency has grown tremedously over the past few months and our activities are expanding – with the inclusion of new staff and new projects, these are exciting times!

We are looking to recruit a number of fashion professionals to join our ranks and take leading roles within our dynamic set-up. We have many exciting plans ahead and so need positive team players who are also capable of working independently to come in and to deliver certain projects.  We are looking specifically for the following skillsets and job functions:

  • Model Trainers & Mentors
  • Event Planners & Cordinators
  • Personal Assistants
  • Fashion Writers & Bloggers
  • Copyrighters/Editors 
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Contracts Negotiators
  • Public Relations & Promotions
  • Researcher/Media Watch
  • Web Administrator
  • Second Life Scripters/Coders

If you have any of the following skills and can fill any of the above mentions functions, then we would like to hear from you. Ideally you will have prior experience with references that we will be able to contact. The offers would be to join the agency on a full-time basis as a paid member of staff.

Please contact us using the contact form stating your name, email, brief description of experience and your salary expectation. We look forward to hearing from you!


It has been a very hectic few months and fashion agency boss, Una Ewing and her team of models and business executives have seen massive changes in their daily lives and the life of the agency. Models have come and gone – the shows have come and gone, but each new month brings along with it an exciting new show, exciting new designers and clients, sponsors, new models, colleagues, business partners and ventures. One example would be the agency’s new luxury property developments on Saint Helene where the agency will be staging some of its planned outdoor fashion shows on the sea front. All in all, the agency is growing fast, the pressures is high and the rewards are forever worth their waiting goal.

As a token of appreciation to the staff at EFA, Ms Ewing has now created an additional agency fringe benefit by offering all top models and executives a corporate apartement on Saint Helene. Apartments will be provided free for the first month and there after, the agency will contibute 50% of the rent for the next two months.

Pictured above is Connie M, the agency’s PR and Events person in the penthouse suite of the The Kensington at Saint Helene.

Artwork is provided by the virtual outlet of ARTACASA.NL

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