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This week I got the chance to visit a store I had heard about but never had the great opportunity to visit and teleporting in I was very impressed with the bright and fresh feel of the new mall which just opened at the end of January. The mall itself is well laid out with everything easy to find and the stunning fashions are simply to die for.  The attention to detail with style and texture show how much effort is put into creating such fine fashions. With my addiction to gowns I immediately headed in that direction, finding exquisite dresses perfect for a night on the town.  With it being February, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and Seldom Blue has a great selection in a wide verity of styles and colors. As a special offer this month they have the fun and flirty Gabriella dress in blue [Shown Below] for 99L till the end of Febuary for those money conscious fashionistas.

Gabriella Dress Modeled By Musique Gable

Gabriella Dress Modeled By Musique Gable

A stunning dress that I own myself and love! Like I said before Seldom Blue has many options in their store including gowns, dresses, lingerie, suits, separates, and freebies for you to enjoy. I am happy to be able to show off a couple selections.



When it comes to haute couture and Second Life fashion a number of names come to mind.  It is a vibrant and continually evolving area of fashion, which retains its excitement through the efforts of many wonderful designers.  Haute couture is the fashion style that is responsible for attracting many to this industry, whether they are designers, models or photographers.  To me, this area of fashion is one of the most expressive for all involved.

This past June, I had the pleasure of showing MB-Design’s new summer line in a post on this blog.  Moanasyrene Boucher isn’t one to rest on her laurels and she’s recently been working on releases for her new winter line of haute couture dresses.  From what I’ve seen so far, these are exciting new designs that once again demonstrate Moanasyrene’s range and creativity.  Her use of colors and textures continue to excite, as I believe you’ll see in the several dresses shown today.

The first dress seen, on the left below, is Barocco in pink and orange.  This  is a beautiful lace dress with a full ankle length skirt.  The flower patterned lace of the skirt uses a color fade from pink to black producing a gorgeous contrast of colors.  The strapless bodice has one of Moanasyrene’s new features in this line, flexible prim frills over the bust.  Here, this accent is colored in an orange to black fade.  To make this dress even more haute couture, lace gloves with prim cuffs and a hat with lace veil are added.  And for completeness, there is even a pretty pink and black lace panty included.


 For the woman who wants to show off her curves, Pearl (above, right) may be just the thing.  This dress was just released this week and features a very deep V neckline trimmed in beautiful black lace.  The back of the bodice is open and the shoulder straps have flexible prim frills.  The hem of the variegated violet skirt is adorned with more black lace.  All the elements of this dress come together wonderfully to produce a very feminine look.


In order to take the all the photos for the posts we do here, we use many poses.  In fact, poses are used extensively by models and photographers, and often, little is said about them.  I am always on the lookout for interesting poses for both runway and photo work.  The other day I happened to come across ChereeMotion, which turned out to have a nice collection of poses for photo work.  Cheree Bury has developed a number of interesting pinup poses and offers then individually or in groups.  Since many of us are so dependent on poses, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate an occasional post to them when I find some different ones.

The poses are sorted into categories, each containing about 40 poses.  Being a fan of vintage fashion, I was first attracted to the Classic Pinup Poses.  Below you can see a small selection of them. Each group has a mix of stands, sits, lays, and kneels for good variety.  Many of the classic poses are recognizable from the pinup posters of the war era.  For anyone who wants to try their hand at reproducing this form, this set of Classic Pinup Poses would be a good start.


If you’ve followed my posts to date, you know that I’ve been presenting period and vintage styles from SL designers, but when recently given the opportunity to preview some of the best new fashions from a wonderful haute couture designer, I had to do it. Moanasyrene Boucher of MB-Designs has created a new line, for a summer launch, and it’s my pleasure to be able to show you some of her new designs here.  Anyone familiar with her previous work knows of the quality textures and highly detailed prim skirts. The new line is no exception. I just love the patterns and vibrant colours Moanasyrene has chosen for these new dresses and they are all fine additions to her already excellent collection.

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First Impressions V - a Smashing Success!

On November 13, 2007, over 80 fashionistas, reporters, designers, fashion critics and models from a several agencies gathered in the newly built EFA Runway to witness First Impressions V. A veritable who’s who in the fashion world, the standing room only crowd cheered as they witnessed the models present collections from Myralda Minnelli and Leezu Baxter.

The first collection shown was Myralda Minelli’s. Beginning with her creative swim wear, through her selection of sports wear and on through her evening wear, her collection was infused with a delightful take on the ’80s retro look that has been so big on the runways this year. Fascinating fabric textures from the cozy knits to her use of metallics got rave responses from the audience. 

Show Pictures

pictures Tillie Ariantho

The second collection was Leezu Baxter’s. Her collection of versatile layered pieces allows for multiple looks that can go from shopping to nightclub and dancing by changing a few simple pieces. Leezu has reinvented the skirt this season, with a fresh, exciting approach.

After over two hours of fashion, guests, models, designers, and Ewing staff continued the party in the stylish Iconica lounge where we danced the night away in celebration of the successful show. 

Event sponsors: Easy2Reach Jewell, ZoHa-Islands and Sassy’s Secrets .

Models: Valenttina Carfagno, Yenneffer Dielli, LayDeeBird Chastity, Tempest Hennesy, Rena Mascot, Sarasvati Noel, Anessa Stine, Bobie Woodget

Event Concept, Management, Choreography and Production: Una Ewing

Thank you to all of the sponsors, models, designers and guests for making this show one of our best! Stay tuned to this blog for more fashion information and exciting announcements soon to come!


The fifth installment of FIRST IMPRESSIONS  will be held at EFA’s Fashion district on Tuesday the 13th of November. This event is being sponored by Easy2Reach SMS messaging systems. With Easy2Reacch, your SL friends can reach you directly through your mobile.

This time last month we were in the throws of EFA Fashion Week which was a new-formet FIRST IMPRESSIONS extravaganza with four consecutive show days featuring two deigners each and then the popular “meet the designer” sesions. On the 13th, we bring you the new-style FIRST IMPRESIONS baed on the EFA Fashion Week style, which offers you a longer glimpse at two designer intead of the longer version.

All the good things about FIRST IMPRESSIONS remain – the glamour, the styles and the fun of fashion. We will be holdng thi intallment of FIRST IMPRESSIONS at the agency’ new sim and new runway. This is one not to miss!!

Date: TUESDAY 13th November 2007
Location:  Runway (left side) or Runway (right side)
Guest Arrival: 10.30 AM SLT (Please arrive early to avoid disappointment)
Show Time: 11:00 AM SLT
Dress Code: Express yourself – just go easy on the prims! Please turn off unneccessary  bling and please detach unnecessary prim attachements – HUDS/AOs and other high prim items.

We bring you the exciting design of the following designer

Easy2Reach – contact : Easy2Reach Jewell


 Visit Easy2Reach’s Main Office 



The event brochure will be distributed after the show.

Event Concept, Management, Choreography and Production by Una Ewing. IM for any enquiries or visit the agency at:


The video shot for the III session of FIRST IMPRESSIONS (Noir) has been released. The event was held on September 11th, to mark the penultimate day of New York Fashion Week and was dedicated to those who lost their lives in that same city in six years prior. The event was named (Noir), because all guests requested to wear black in tribute.

The video features models Rena Mascot, Nikita Ewing, Laydeebird Chastity, Jeanne Varun, Rivers Noriega and Keane Hax. The designers are Cay Trudeau, Bryce Tully, Neferia Abel and Aveda Institutes by ETD. We hope you enjoy it and course feel free to rate it on youtube. We appreciate your support. 

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