It was a while back when I first met Mimi Juneau.  My partner and I were looking for mens clothing and ran into Mimi at her men’s store.  She was there and assisted us so patiently.  She then took us over to her women’s store, where she showed us all of her choices in clothing.  Her store is well layed out and is adorned by so many beautiful and well crafted desiger clothing from the finest designers in Second Life.

Mimi seems to be such a big part of her success.  She is there working along side of her models to not only tell you about each article of clothing, but she will also put it on and wear it for you, so that you can actually see how it looks when worn.  I have found this extremely helpful.  All of us have purchased different outfits and put them on, to find that they just don’t look like what the picture portrays.  So the helpfulness of displaying the clothing on herself is immensely helpful.  I believe that if Mimi is not in her store, you can but IM her and she will come as soon as she can to assist you with your purchases.  Also, there are always the models who will work with you as well.  Having a dedicated staff on hand at all times is such a wonderful accessory to a clothing store.



LE.LOOK!, 8ième arrondissement, December 14, 2008 – Today, ~Moonaco Porta~ and ~Sawyer Campese~ invite you to come visit a sim that will bring you nothing but fashion and style. This sim is a universe of its own, providing you with all your favorite designers and talented newcomers in one stylish place.
Who said you can’t have everything?


LE.LOOK! Under construction – As soon as you land at the center of our world, be sure to take notice to the impeccable detailing and quality of the Sim, built in a astounding four months by Sawyer Campese . The buildings were constructed with three thoughts in mind: Quality, Innovation and Creativity. Combining curves with modern industrial edges, this island is created to make your mind and eyes wonder.


The judges made their final decisions and the winner of Miss SL World 2008 was finally announced…


Aleida is a well established top model within Second Life, and has been around the industry for almost one year now and she is definately excelling within it. As a model for EFA too, she is regulary in shows strutting down the runway – and owning it! Aswell as modelling she has a blog here on the EFA Fashion Blog… Does that make me her boss? Amongst various other things, Aleida is a wonderful person with a shining and welcoming persona.

We were able to grab Aleida for a quick interview on this great achievement of hers:


I woke up this morning to review the list of new articles going into the next issue of ALTAMODA Fashion and Lifestyle Magazinefor July and nearly choked on my biscotti and café when I came across an article called “10 wicked things you can do as an alt!”.

Now there  is a promising title and as it promises, it delivers. It is hilarious! Unfortunately, you will have to read next month’s issue to find out what exactly what our sex columnist Josephina Bonetto gets up to and reveals, but until then, why don’t you explore your imagination a bit and let us know just what you do or would like to do with an alt. We would like to hear just how wicked you are.

If you are shy, you can always “whisper” it via our contact page – which guarantees absolute confidentiality of course. The best submissions get published in next month’s issue (even as anonymous if you so wish) but that’s hardly wicked now, is it ,-)

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