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On November 3, 2007, a ceremony was held for the newest graduates of the Ewing Fashion Agency’s model school. There were numerous people in attendance including agency owner Una Ewing, agency models Bobie Woodget (former tudent from the class of September ’07) and Rena Mascot, agency PR and events manager Connie Molinaro, as well as the impeccable Tempest Hennesy, model and model trainer who officiated the event.

The graduates were: Laila Schuman, Gamp Lane, Jet Porta, and Kylie Balogh. After a few remarks by Ms. Hennesy, the new models performed an incredible runway show, highlighting various looks and showing off not only their versatility but their true talent as well. After the show, Ms. Ewing herself congratulated the new models, and the graduates received some sage advice given by the agency’s current models.


 The graduates, as well as any one else who wishes, are encouraged to attend this Monday’s Model Question Time III which will feature EFA Model Bobie Woodget as a guest speaker.

Congratulations to our newest model graduates, and be on the look out for these lovely ladies in the future!


Models’ Question Time is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested to ask questions, get valuable advice, and learn about the fashion industry from many different angles; however, time can run short. As always, we are committed to making sure all questions are answered as thoroughly as possible – and, what better way than to encourage the input of our readership?

Yesterday at Models’ Question Time II, a very interesting (and often asked) question was posed: Can a former escort transition into the fashion industry and a model?

Una Ewing, agency owner, replied that the transition is not impossible and in fact occurs more often that people would believe, however, it really depends on “why?”  the individual seeks that change. After all the sex industry is one of the most profitable in Second Life, whereas modeling, while fun, rewarding, and engaging is not half as profitable and is super competitive. The facts are also that the hours tend to be longer for a small financial return. Yes models do have the advantage of getting clothes, but a successful escort could also acquire the equivalent and beyond very quite easily on their earnings with the advantage of having the choice of which clothes to buy. In the light of all this, plus the added prospect of attending casting after casting without success, would the individual seeking the change be able to commit to all the demands made on them to have a successful career? We would like to play devil’s advocate and invite comments and opinions.

Please use the comment feature to share your thoughts.


Today, at 12 PM SLT, Models’ Question Time II took place in the conferencing booth at the Ewing Fashion District at Isola D’ Ischia. Several people were in attendance from all walks of the fashion industry – models, agents, and lovers of fashion alike. Although originally, the intention was to use Skype, technical difficulties dictated otherwise and the chat was moved to in-game voice chat. (Future Models’ Question Times will be held in voice chat).


Several questions were addressed by agency owner Una Ewing and fashion writer Selonna Torok, including the following:

  • Is there life as a model after being an escort;
  • Model shape characteristics;
  • Having quality skins and hair;
  • Importance of having a passion for fashion and modelling;
  • Gender issues – the requirement for male models;
  • AO v. Walk Replacer;
  • Marketing; and
  • Finances

The event went well and was highly informative for all participants. Models’ Question Time III will be held at 12 PM SLT on November 5, 2007, once again in the conferencing booth at the Ewing Fashion District at Isola D’ Ischia.

To register for the event, leave a comment on this post. Please ensure that you have working speakers and/or headphones. As always, the event is free. And bring your questions – we’ll see you there!

AT 12PM SLt, The Ewing Fashion Agency is launching the first in a series of four skype casts called Models’ Question Time in which models and other fashion industry professional are invited to come and participate and learn and share – refer to our earlier post. Please find below the connection details. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Connection Details

Requirements: A PC!, a microphone and speakers or headset with both. You will also need the latest copy of Skype

How do I participate? Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) – Models Questions Time and then click Join This Cast and you should connect! The Join this cast option is only available once the session has commenced. When you do arrive, please do announce yourself as a matter of conferencing etiquette.

What does this cost? Nada! Niente! Zero – or perhaps the universl word, Free!!

A Presto!

From all at the Ewing Fashion Agency

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