Another fantastic show took to the stage on July 5th, with Kotobuki Jewell of Bijou showcasing her beautiful, vivacious and colourful collection. The show was a tremedous success and the turn-out was great.


Assisted by the poses and animations by Stella Furkel of ** Fashion Models Works ** the models were trendy, chic and stylish as they strutted down the runway.

One of the models in the show said:

This show was great fun to do, with amazing clothes. The clothes, hairs and skins were of a very high standard and had great detailing. This show was greatly received by the audience; the appause and comments were overwhelming. It was a great experience.”

– Ella Quinsette (Modelled in the show)

A great goodbag was given after the event and if you haven’t checked out these shops then I recommend you do so!

Thank you to everyone who attended, the amazing designers and the models and EFA staff who made this show a success.

*Slide show pictures with thanks to EFA Photographer, Tillia Arianthio

It was hotter than a 4th of July firecracker on the runway at the Estate Della Moda stage where the Ewing Fashion Agency was showing ultra chic and sexy undergarment designs from Camilla Yosuke of Insolence along with poses from Stella Furkel of **Fashion Model Works**. The house was jam-packed with distinguished guests and many familiar names from within the SL fashion world.

The fashion show started with a challenge from Una Ewing, CEO of EFA and host of the event, continuing with celebrations of SL’s 5th birthday and Danielle Astonia, representing Insolence. The first person from the audience to answer the question “What was the name of the last outfit released from Insolence?” won a full page ad space in Altamoda magazine. Congratulations to Retribution Fall for the correct answer “Melanie”. Woot – what a prize!












Models Rena Mascot, Bobie Woodget, Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Haruka Kish, Tempest Hennesy and Ella Quinsette wowed the enthusiastic crowd with outfits that consisted of bra and pantie sets in delicious colours, with delicate lace garter belts holding up the matching silk stockings. Translucent camisoles and bustiers were also shown. The wonderfully textured fabrics and fine lace edging added a touch of delicate femininity to these sexy ensembles. Many items come on different layers that add versatility to the garments. Camilla’s designs have exquisite details and continue to be stylish, innovative and trend-setting. And, when you walk away… the view from behind – Oh Mamma Mia!


Estate della Moda

In the second fashion show of the week we presented one of the biggest names in fashion. She has truly made her mark as a fashion designer with innovative, stylish and extremely high quality designs in SecondLife. She is Nicky Ree.

The EFA models showcased Nicky Ree’s new and stunning collection at the show that was held at the Ewing Fashion Agency water runway, an imposing place with poweful fountains. The new designs are fantastic. This collection is so interesting with all of the sleek and appearingly hand drawn graphical lines and oriental flower motifs. The colors were beautiful, the fabrics light, and the details cut down to pure elegance, cherishing romantic feelings.

The place was crowded. Every seat was taken and there were plenty of people standing, and even sitting, with their fit dipped in the pool, just to get close to the outfits! Everyone must have a piece of Nicky Ree’s creations which lingers in their mind as a must-have for their inventory, well, here are a few more designs for that list. Whether for a romantic event, a sexy cocktail night or a business meeting; Nicky Ree’s designs are appropriate for all occassions.


The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to invite you to our estate della moda (Summer of Fashion) fashion Marathon with fashion shows each evening, beginning with the fabulous Sissy Pessoa, the creative force behind the high fashion Brand BAIASTICE. Sissy will be showcasing her new range of creative, vivacious and high-end designs. Joining BAISTICE in this fashion extravaganza is Alinee Jewell of J&J Skins, who will be showcasing her new generation skins. Stiletto Moody, the lady behind the impossibly high heels will be showcasing slinky, stilettos to flatter your beautiful legs and finally, but not least, new and exciting pose designer Stella Furkel of Stella ** Fashion Model Works ** will be showcasing her new range of animated runway poses on the catwalk – all in one bumper show

This show is going to be packed with all those wonderful items you will want to get your hands on for the season. Dont Miss it.

Event Details as as follows:

Date: 2nd July, 2008

Guest Arrival: 11.30 AM SLT

Show Kick Off: 12.00 PM SLT

Dress Code: Chic, Trendy and Stylish (but low prims).

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