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SECOND LIFE, 15 January 2009 – At 11.00 AM SLT on the 26th of January 2009, the Ewing Fashion Agency will once again be joining forces with the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice for another Second Life/Real World simutaneous fashion event.  During the live fashion show at Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam – The Netherlands), the Ewing Fashion Agency will host the Second Life version of the show at its Ischia sim location, where EGG Development will reproduce the venue of the show, The Beurs van Berlage.  Building on the success of last years First Fusion show, this year each event will be viewable to the other as they occur.  The Real World creations of Real World designers Jennifer Delano, Melanie Brown and Eleonore de Ruuk  are being recreated for the Second Life production by a talented lineup of Second Life designers: Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Simone Stern, Sysy Chapman and Zaara Kohime.  In acknowledgement of significance of these innovative collaborations, Runway Magazine and DX Exchange have signed on as corporate sponsors for the event. Beside the fashion show, also the DJ will be presented in both world, Damien. S will be on stage in the Beurs van Berlage and at Ischia during the show.

About the Ewing Fashion Agency
The Ewing Fashion Agency  (EFA) is full service fashion and promotions agency operating in Second Life and specialised in promoting virtual and real-life brands, including the coordination of complex events fashion and promotion events run in Second Life and real-life simultaneously. We are an international work force with over ten languages – including Polish, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and English. We have solid methodology that ensures our clients get the service the deserve and the value they deserve. 

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About RUNWAY Magazine

RUNWAY Magazine is a monthly in-world publication dedicated to the promotion of fashion, modeling and design in Second Life.  RUNWAY features the who’s  who in the fashion world in Second Life, the seasoned designers, models and agencies, as well as the fresh new up and coming talent on and off the runway. RUNWAY has always maintained its neutrality in working with designers and fashion agencies in Second Life by covering all the fashion shows and events to bring its readers the latest news, updates and revues of the designers captured as they happen. With a circulation of over 65.000 readers monthly in-world, RUNWAY is hands down the best fashion read in Second Life.

Source: www.runwaysl.com 

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About DX Exchange

DX Exchange is based in the Netherlands and is a 3D media company and Virtual Service Provider that offers his services in the field of virtual internet. Since 2007 DX Exchange has been creating and running 3D communities. DX Exchange was founded in 2006 as a currency exchange office for the Dutch community in the ‘Second Life’ virtual world, and is currently expanding to the surrounding countries, other platforms and more exchange services. The DX Exchange payment system makes it possible to exchange Euros for virtual money and vice versa , using accepted and leading local payment methods and support.  Currently in Second Life the company serves some 20,000 customers. For more information, see www.dxexchange.com.


EFA - The Artist Advice
About the Artists Advice
The Artist Advice is a management and consultancy company for artists. The Artist Advice gives advice, coaches and provides management for artists such as: models, actors, dancers, singers, extra’s, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, bands, dj’s and other artists. The Artist Advice was been founded by Jennifer Delano in 2005. Today our team consists of seven motivated employees and from our offices in Amsterdam the careers of hundreds of artists are being managed. The mission of The Artist Advice is to help artists getting started and to keep artist working, using their own strengths. We seek personal and durable relationships, in which open communications, excellent collaboration and mutual trust are the main ingredients. 
Source: http://www.theartistadvice.nl/ 

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About Amsterdam Fashion Week

“AIFW is steadily establishing itself as a young and directional alternative to the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. Focusing on Amsterdam’s reputation as an inspiring city, the AIFW programme combines commerce with creativity. Alongside our catwalk show schedule our programme includes fashion events, lectures, exhibitions, retail initiatives and parties. As well as a showcase for Dutch fashion, AIFW provides a stage for the growing New Luxury segment, that so far was stuck between existing mainstream trade events and traditional couture weeks. Only an hour or so away from anywhere, our city has a lot to offer: a growing pool of talent, an inspiring place to visit and a vibrant place to do business. Editions of AIFW were held twice a year since July 2004. AIFW is attracting a growing audience of directional international”.
EFA @ Amsterdam International Fashion Week Team:
Una Ewing
Tiffany Dragonash
Connie Molinaro

 [KA] has long been one of my favorite stops for skins – superb quality and attention to detail are hallmarks of Kira Ahn’s work. Little did I know, however, that these standards apply not only to her skin collection, but also to her fashion line. I got to sample some of Kira’s new fall designs, and I must say, [KA]’s latest pieces are absolute must-haves for every fashionista’s autumn wardrobe.

The first pieces that caught my eye in Kira’s newest line were two coats of drastically different styles. The Nomis jacket, top left, is a warm and cozy pea coat of the softest red wool. Nomis is made up of prim cuffs, shoulder detailing, collar, and a prim skirt/belt. In addition to red, Nomis also comes in blue, purple, mud, and black. This is definitely a fabulous coat for the chilly months ahead! Next to Nomis you’ll see the Nedo jacket. This jacket is one of my favorites I’ve seen this season. It has a looser feel than the sleek Nomis, with a flaired shape that will flatter any figure. The herringbone texture that Nedo uses adds a sophistication to the design that makes it just perfect for any occasion, from business to pleasure. Nedo comes in gray (as modeled), red, black, plum, and lila (pink). I’m inclined to pick up one of each color!


Ewing Fashion Agency would like to announce the new appointment of Darcy Earnshaw to Manager of Events and PR. Darcy will be responsible for: Agency and Ewing brand promotions (including: blog, VIP group, and ALTAMODA Magazine); Event promotion; Event planning and organizing; Promotion of designers working with our agency. Congratulations, Darcy, you deserve it.

At the same time, we would like to say how sorry we are to say goodbye to Connie Molinaro who has been with Ewing Fashion Agency since the day dot. Good luck, Connie, in your future endeavours.

Sonia28 Jie has impressed many fanshionistas with her daring necklines and elegant silhouettes.  Her line, Son!a, provides the women who seeks chic and provocative everything she needs to complete a polished, formal look.  Pictures fail to accurately portray the vibrant colors and detailed textures of Sonia28’s garments.  The tasteful drama of a Son!a gown must be appreciated in person and transforms the wearer into a queen for the night.  Sonia28 gives us insight into Son!a.

Christiana: How long have you been in Second Life (TM), and when/how did your business begin?
Sonia28: I am sixteen months old.  My business started a year ago in a 512×512 land with a few designs.

Christiana: What sparked your interest in starting your own line?
Sonia28: I started designing when I was 3 days old.  I searched for tutorials.  The tutorials on Natalia Zelmanov’s “Mermaid Diaries” blog were particularly helpful. In addition, I used my formal knowledge in Illustrator and Photoshop.  Creating a line or collection was what drove me into Second Life (TM).


I thought that it would be nice to start this post about the show with a short description of Amanda in her own words to help everyone get a feel of the designer and her inspiration. From partying to something a bit more elegant and feminine, Amanda’s collection caters for women from all walks of life. “SL allows me to take out all of my creativity and my passion for fashion and I hope my clients can feel this.” Discover more about Amanda, the lady, the creator and person at: http://amandabolero.blogspot.com/

The show was hosted by Una Ewing, the CEO of Ewing, and what a fantastic job she did, whilst of DJ Sexyjade Echegaray kept smooth tunes going throughout the presentation. The models presenting Amanda’s designs were Top EFA Model Bobie Woodget and Titled Models Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon. It was a truly magnificent show and it was a pleasure to work with Amanda.

The fantastic runway was set in the city of New York at midnight with urban streetlights. I swear I even heard thunder and lightening. There was rain and smoke and we saw a few umbrellas up amongst the audience, with everyone looking fabulous and fitting in with the theme. Check out the pictures by TIllie Ariantho, you may find one of yourself!

The models all wore the same hair and sunglasses to put more focus on the designer’s clothes. (more…)

Following a quick discussion with an agency owner, you hesistantly transfer a large sum of lindens to their account. Now it is their turn to come up with the goods, but exactly what can you expect and will this really be a positive return on your investment? The age-old discussion about whether or not to pay for the promotion of your business and professional model training has reared its ugly head again. I was just on an SL blog, which made inaccurate statements about the industry, its professionals and less than accurate statements about the agency and its operations. The agency has also received a large number of queries from people about the value a fashion agency adds to their business and careers, so we wanted to open the door on the world of SL fashion marketing and promotion to help people understand a bit more about agencies and their contribution to the industry.

Before delving into any depth, I felt it appropriate to make the distinction between a modeling agency and a fashion agency – This is a question we get asked a lot and that people who do not really know the business struggle with. A modeling agency is an enterprise that scouts, grooms, markets, books and earns a % of the models fees in return for their hard work. Generally modeling agencies do not organise events – they identify and assign resources to jobs – models/actors and so on. They are the Kelly or the Adecco or the Manpower of the fashion industry.

A fashion (promotion) agency on the other hand should be thought of as a PR and promotions agency focusing on fashion as a tool and an outlet – think PR, think promotion, marketing, brand recognition and sales. A fashion PR agency represents its clients – models, fashion designers and other corporations who either use PR to promote fashion or use fashion to get PR. A fashion agency exists to promote your work and every action they perform on a client’s behalf must be in line with that notion. In return for the promotion of fashion or your brand through fashion, they charge a fee.

The Ewing Fashion Agency is a fashion PR & Promotions agency, consisting of a number of departments and disciplines.

This above screen shot is taken from the agency’s organisation chart on our staff HR database. What it doesn’t show is the section on internal events – please see the next screen shot.


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