Course                                                                                                                                                                                                 Modeling as a career is as competitive in Second Life as it is in real life and perhap even more so. A fantastic nip and tuck comes a the click of a button, so the supply is huge, which is great news for casting directors and the agencies like ours, but not for the models. A modeling job can attract anything in the excess of 200 applicants. The greatest challenge in getting ahead is posessing the unique set of qualities that gets you selected and booked over and over again. Selection is just the beginning. There are all the practises later that a lot of casting agents use as a test of endurance and commitment. How do you stay above the competition? Once the practises are over, there is the show – how do you become the first face of the show – the headliner? No one remembers the average looking model at the back – be the first face, get noticed and be talked about.

Everything challenge in modelling presents an opportunity and every opportunity you take advantage of, becomes a stepping stone to success in your chosen field. The aim of this course is to prepare you phyically and mentally for moving out of the seasonal, or “out-of-work” model pattern to a fully engaged and working model.

Course Outline

  • Day 1 – The Basics
  • Day 2 – Working the Runway I
  • Day 3 – Working the Runway  II
  • Day 4 – Practical Training I
  • Day 5 – Practical Training II
  • Day 6 – Practical Training III
  • Day 7 – Styling
  • Day 8 – Preparing for Work & the Runway
  • Day 9 – Getting Work I
  • Day 10 – Getting Work II
  • Graduation Shoot & Certification!!

Interested parties are invited to join the in-world group called ~* EWING TRAINING WAITING LIST *~. Members will be invited for the in-take interview during which we check that we are the right school for you and that you are the right pupil for us. Interviews typcally take place a week before the course begins, last circa 30 minutes, after which successful candidates are invited to register. 

Registration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Registration occurs on payment of the ten session course – currently priced at L$10,000 (L$ 1000 each), which covers the core course content (theory and practise and screen tests). It does not include the 1-2-1 bonus package.

Take the 2-hour 1-2-1 session to fast-track your way to the catwalk. This session gives you all you need to step right out of “school” and right onto the runway. It provides an intense personal styling from top models and casting directors who will personally coach you through “the shoot”, contest and or casting preparation and any other tools needed by models who are serious about modeling. Past attendees who have taken this have found this an essential part of the course. It is two hours that you can use as you wish to help with the things you need the most – including finding unique walks, poses and model tools. It is invaluable and costs L$2000 per hour, plus the cost of items puchased. Stylists that the agency use includes style gurus like EFA Fashion Week top model Laydeebird Chastity, Tempest Hennesy and Isabella Sampaio, Miss Loreal 2007. The course fee also does not also include the cost of a composite (for those who are not aware of what a composite is, it is a set of pictures, commonly referred to a a portfolio) that to be used for marketing yourself. The agency has many photographers with their own styles that you can select from who offer amazing finishes – typically priced at L$ 500 per page.

EFA now offers the studiaflex option for students who require additional flexibility to suit their demanding lifestyles. studiaflexi allows students to purchase blocks of the course at L$ 1500 each (with a minimum purchase or two blocks) that can be used as and when they wish. However, students taking this option should be warned that missing certain classes and leaving large gaps between sessions can be counter-productive and reduce the benefits of growing and learning in a group, such as consistent and networking with classmates. 

Video Composite
The agency has also recently launched the video composite offering – this is a video portfolio – the best in and out-of-world advertising medium created by a number of talented professionals who are able to offer a professional edit – typically priced at L$ 15,000 per edit.

Why Ewing
Our brand values are professional, results-driven, focused and systematic. We understand the the business of fashion. EFA will train and equip you with the skills you need to walk into any agency in Second Life and land the role you want, but we also love what we do, because in so-doing, we meet an train people that could potentially be running the agency in months to come and or making waves in the fashion industry in their own right.

EFA invests, promotes, nurtures and guides. Promising pupils with a demonstrable and genuine love of fashion and the business are asked to “join” the agency. That is when the journey starts. We will groom you, transfer knowledge, mentor and promote your talent. As a growing fashion agency, new talent is always welcome.

Spread your wings and we’ll help you to fly.

Dates                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The agency has recently launched a tri-zone training program which sees courses taking place in the three key time zones of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), AMEC (US) and APAC (Asia Pacific). Please view the course dates and times – they are listed in SLT (PST). If you are interested in enrolling in the next course, the model interviews and registration dates are also listed. The course fees are L$10,000 for the 10 sessions, or L$ 1500 each via the studiaflex option. You can find the calendar here    


Ex Student Comments 

“My experience in the training group was exquisite cause it answered all my questions a could have had about modeling in sl. It helpedme get over my fear and concerns about my abilities. One thing is i’m quite happy it run longer then it was supposed to originally cause i wouldn’t have been ready otherwise and i wouldn’t have appreciated the experience at its max. Between the sessions there are a lots of prep to acknowledge and things to find and purchase and that took time”.

Bobie Woodget – ex student and photo / runway model

“Greetings, I am on several fashion and model group lists. Yesterday, I received a notice from Joana Flamand announcing an immediate audition for the “SL’s Next Top” Model” competition. With no prep time, I TP’d over wearing a tank top and shorts. There were 15 of us that responded. She was picking 7 for the next round. I received favorable comments re: composure, walk, poses, skin and shape appearance. I was the only one that had a portfolio to give. The only criticism I received was about the clothes I was wearing. I was selected as one of the seven finalists. Thank you Una, Lady and Tempest. I wouldn’t have happened without the skills and confidence I gained at the Ewing Training. On to the next round. (This time, I have a Quick Change folder ready)”.

Kylie Balogh – ex student and aspiring model

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to take part in this course it was very informative and I found Aleida, Tiffany and Tempest all to be 100% helpful caring and professional and I really have appreciated the whole experience and wanted to give credit to the teachers that have helped me so much. Once again thank you to you all.

Ella Quinsette – recent graduate and junior model

29 Responses to “model training”

  1. I am interested in the modeling course that you are giving.
    Thank you

  2. Do I need to apply for an interview or will you be selecting and assigning people for the interviews?
    thank you

  3. unaewing Says:

    Hello Laila, the interviews will be done at the agency on the dates and times listed. We do individual and group interviews depending on the turn out so just turn up on any one of those dates at the time stated. :))

  4. Where will the interviews be held?
    I have not been able to locate that information. Thank you.

  5. I have gone to the agency. It is rather large but more than that, I am not sure that there is not more than one site. I try to prepare ahead of time so that I do not arrive late.

  6. Annee Maximus Says:

    I am interested in the modeling course that you are giving.
    Thank you

  7. Jeremiah Elephas Says:

    What Can I do to join this Modeling Courses

  8. unaewing Says:

    Hello Jeremiah,

    Join the in-world group called ~* EWING TRAINING WAITING LIST *~. Members will be invited for the in-take interview during which we check that we are the right school for you and that you are the right pupil for us.


  9. rihsl Says:

    Hello, when exactly is the next training going to start? Where can I register? I would love to start or get interview appointment.

  10. tammytrommler Says:


    I am interested in your next modeling school. Would you mind considering me for an interview. I completely believe that I have the qualities that it would take to make a top model.

    Thank You,

    Tammy Trommler

  11. tammytrommler Says:

    Please put my name on the S.N.O.B Guest List. I would love to receive all information related to these events.

    Thank You,

    Tammy Trommler

  12. niennasmythe Says:

    Hello…. I am interested in this course and would love an interview. Thank you for your time.

    Nienna Smythe

  13. brooffice Says:

    I am interested in the modeling course that you are giving.
    Thank you

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