Designers in SecondLife™ are the creative backbone of the fashion community. However, many designers find it hard to manage both the creative and the business aspects required to run a successful brand. Planning, designing, creating new clothes and accessories, as well as updating the old and promoting them to the correct target audience regularly is one tall order. It is for this reason, that EFA works with designers to help ease the headache of starting up and/or running your business. EFA has vast public relations and promotions experience and a network of contacts to call upon to make this happen as and when needed. Our services are geared towards launching, or re-launching your brand, promoting items and helping you maintain market shares.

EFA Designer Business Consulting ServicesThe Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is one of SecondLife™’s premiere fashion promotions companies with vast experience in large and complex projects such as EFA Fashion Week in association with Second Style magazine, and the EFA Design Awards in association with the Electric Sheep Company’s OnRez. Fashion is our passion, and the promotion of Second Life designers is close to our hearts, which is why some of the most promising new and established SecondLife™ designers have chosen us. Over the recent months, EFA has received a growing number of requests to assist and manage the PR & promotional efforts of Second Life designers. To fulfill this need, EFA has created a consulting wing called the EFA Designer Business Consulting Services to assist and facilitate our clients’ launches and promote their brands, while allowing them to focus on what they do best; designing and creating. We can create and implement a customised marketing strategy and PR campaign based on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.


What is marketing, and why is it important?

mar·ket·ing \mär-kə-tiŋ\ noun
1: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service
2: an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer

Marketing is a fundamental part of your business, your fashion and your brand. Our new service offers a flexible, multi-tier consulting package which allows you to pick and choose the elements of the promotional package that best suit your needs. We have packages for those who have it all figured out, but are missing a piece of the puzzle, right up to those who have busy real lives, but love creating, and want to fully outsource their PR & promotions to a trusted third party. Our service methodology is holistic, comprising of everything from situation and marketing analysis to branding, pricing, stakeholder management and channel communications. We will consider you as a person, as a creator and your business objectives and then identify the most suitable marketing mix to attain your business and PR goals.

Why EFA?

EFA is comprised of a number of multi-faceted SL™ professionals with real-life business experience in finance, marketing, PR and promotional services. In-world, our core activities include the promotion of designers, models and other business professionals. We quickly established ourselves as a household name in fashion promotion and have learned a great deal during our time in operation. Here are some of the reasons that some of the most established brands in SecondLife™ are choosing EFA:

    * Professionalism
    * Focused and Driven
    * Multi-faceted
    * Organized
    * Strong in-house knowledge from people based around the world. Over 10 different countries and languages are represented within the agency.
    * An experienced understanding of the business of fashion and promotions.

Use the contact form to find out what EFA can do for you today.

Standard Promotional Services

Fashion Shows

EFA runs a fashion show called FIRST IMPRESSIONS each month, which showcases a number of items from four designers. The event occurs monthly and invitations are distributed to our list of over 1000 fashion lovers and invitations with store and boutique notecards are sent out, so the marketing occurs before the event. Unlike many fashion shows that happen in SecondLife™, FIRST IMPRESSIONS also publishes an event brochure that lists all the items shown during the show for all guests to recieve, as well as the designer, models and sponsor biographies. The brochure is a fantastic marketing opportunity that allows people to appreciate the clothes close-up and in their own time. Past experiences indicate that this has a positive effect on purchasing and brand salience. To find out more about FIRST IMPRESSIONS, read the FIRST IMPRESSIONS entries on the blog, read their services section of the site and/or contact us at the agency to recieve further information. Participants also get a blog entry, items are displayed on the venue overhead projectors and designers are allowed to place item vendors on site for a period of time.


If you have a new collection coming out or a classic collection you would like to showcase to prostective and existing clients, then contact us to help you create a great concept-driven and unforgetable fashion event tailored to your wishes. Click here to make a request for a custon show.

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