Ewing Fashion Agency Services for Models – EFA has a number of services for new and established SecondLife™ models. There are two conceptions of thought about modelling. One is that modeling is something you can pick up and drop, and then pick up again where you left off. The fashion industry is very competitive and modeling even more so – after all, the perfect body is a few L$ and a click away. It takes more than a nice shape, skin and hair to make it as a “working” model. EFA has a number of services for models who want to model as a career choice and who wish to stay within the circuit – those who are serious about making a name in SL™ as working models.

Model Training & Development – The agency runs a 10-session Elite Model Training program which is designed to take someone who has just walked off orientation island and turn them into a credible model – ready in mind, body and spirit to face the challenges that the industry will throw at them and overcome them with confidence and ease. The course goes through the basic ground rules, styling, posing, finding work and becoming an asset – rather than a completed notecard on the books. It also addesses practical issues such as shoot and show preparation, adjusting items, wardrobe management, dealing with lag, configuring runway AOs, quick changes during shows and photo shoots. By the way, do you know how much you are worth, or how much you should be asking? What are casting agents really looking for? Well these are but a few of the questions you will no longer be needing to ask after the Ewing Elite Model Training Program. The course is also useful as a refresher and reinforcer to experienced models (trained or untrained) who wish to take their careers to the next level. To find out more about the course, click here

Styling Service – The agency works with a number of in-house and external consultanting stylists, including the Miss L’ Oreal contest, to help you find the look you desire and a look that will work for you when you go for castings, auditions and to give you the general “feel-good” factor. The styling goes from shape tweaking and buying to colour-matching, skins, hairs and adornments (eyelashes, manicures, body lamps, etc.) – yes these do make a huge difference to one’s appearance. To see a recent transformation, click here. As a fashion agency, we have a huge database of landmarks and knowledge about stylists and content creators, and as we are not affiliated to any shops or designers, you can rest assured that our advise will be honest, objective and reliable. The styling fees per hour depend on the stylist you choose. Please contact the agency via the contact us form to request further information.

Concierge Service – Are you preparing for a contest, an important casting or photoshoot, or do you simply want some expertise to be available to answer your questions, help pick things out, find you a good photograpgher, graphic artist or film-maker? If so, then the model concierge service is for you. There are times when an additional pair of hands, or eyes, is invaluable – especially when you need to make an impression. The model concierge service allows you to purchase time slots that you can use in any way you wish with an agency resource who will be available at your request to help in any way you wish. Unlike the styling package, the concierge service allows you to have a resoure at your disposal for anything you require. This service is recommend for all of the training course participants to truly make the most of the course contents. It is also useful for anyone who requires that little bit of support in making shopping decisions and important preparations for shows, shoots and contests. Contact us for fees and booking information.

Photographic & Portfolio Services – EFA has a list of professionals that provide professional photographic and film making expertise for the creation of picture composites and video show reel portfolios as advantageous prices. Please contact us for pricing and booking information. 

Model Management & Promotion – Ewing manages the careers of a small pool of models and helps launch, promote and develop their careers. Models are encouraged to play an active role in the running of the agency in order for them to learn more about how one operates and how the industry itself operates. This gives them the unique opportunity to earn money in-between shows and network with key industry players such as designers and the fashion press. The agency also works with a number of talented professionals that we call in to do composites (picture portfolios) for the models and video show reels of the models in action, which is a very effective marketing tool. Models are also encouraged to teach the classes at the school and coach new and aspiring models. The agency has many active in-world groups, where the latest in poses, hairs, skins, clothes and shows are posted – this is aimed at building a strong knowledge base amongst the models within the industry to enable them to operate successfully outside the agency when assigned to work with designers and photographers.

EFA selects promising candidates from the Ewing Elite Model Training course to prepare and launch them into the industry as debutante models via the FIRST IMPRESSIONS show. The models are promoted this way and are also featured in the agency blog, event invitation, at the venue as well as the show brochures, that are created and distributed after each show to our expectionally long guest list. Each FIRST IMPRESSIONS has an accompanying video that is shot privately after the show for the pleasure of the fashion fans, models and designers that take part – the new models are also featured in these.

Can models that have not trained with EFA apply for management and representation? Yes, this is possible, but there must be a “cultural” fit between the individual and the agency. EFA views promotion as part of the long term process of a models career development. It is mainly down to attitude, aspirations and striking a balance between these. Please contact us for more information.

3 Responses to “for models”

  1. Amby Veliz Says:

    Dear EFA ,

    STOP! HEHEHE:) “I WANT TO LEARN” 🙂 I like to introduce myself, I’m AMBY VELIZ Hard worker, love fashion of all Mediums. Sl life has push my inner Force to work through determination. It’ll be a pleasure to receive any Information pertaining EFA Modeling Industry or any Volunteer work for Fashion week 🙂 please

    best warm regards


  2. Gela Flow Says:

    Hello, A pleasure reading this month Article on EFA Fashion week I’m so lucky to be staying at the LBD Vacation Cabanas(TY Leezu/Suzi) where as the environment is breath taking let alone relaxing in the warmth of Posh :)I’ve been making jewelry for about a Month and getting better everyday, hopefully by the end year to sell SL Globally. I like to know if i can help out with Fashion week ? it be my dream to see all the designers come as one and Share 🙂

    Ge’la Flow

  3. unaewing Says:

    O my god! I am so naughty and did not see your amazing comments. Please please please do send me a message in-world. I look forward to meeting you.

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