It’s week two here on the island…and you think they’d send a care package or something! But alas, this fashionista has to make do here in the sun and sand on her own! So, this week, I came across the lovely and talented Ms. sachi Vixen and asked her just exactly what she’d bring with her for a little…unexpected vacation.
Of course, the creative mind never stops ticking, so of course, the designing must go on! For this designing woman, Nicky Ree would be just the type of creator that she’d like to bring along to collaborate with. After all, what would make more sense than bringing a friend along whose work you like so much? That just makes all the more time for girl talk!
Not unlike myself, the lovely sachi isn’t a huge fan of the arachnids, so she’d bring along her three previous kittens to hunt them…not to mention to sniff out some food when things get rough! But, of course, a girl can’t rely on kittens alone, so Ms. Vixen would bring along her honey, Mr. Damen Gorilla – as well as a really good book. Because, after all, Damen might get tired every once in a while! And, what self-respecting lady would leave herself out in the sun with no protection? Definitely not sachi, because sunblock is right there on her list of things to bring to that sandy beach!
So, as I wrap up yet another week on the beach, even sans care packages with new designer shoes and clothes, I am surviving, along with the fashionable and fabulous of Second Life!





Adam n Eve Contest

Adam n Eve are running a fun&fresh contest for May. It’s called Model poster Pin Up and it gives you an opportunity to model for your favourite brand! Enter the contest simply by joining their new flickr group and post your pictures in your favourite Adam n Eve item/s and you have the chance to win.
Adam & Eve Flickr Group

You can win all these incredible things:

1. The prize is a make over from Adam n Eve for the poster, including new items to be worn in the poster.
2. A modelling photoshoot with one of SL’s premier artistic photographer’s Alia Whitfield.
3. The shoot picture will be displayed at Adam n Eve as a poster for the month of May.

You don’t need to be wearing everything by Adam n Eve, but you do need to have something on that you have purchased from the store. Obviously the more Adam n Eve your picture is, the more chances you have of winning. When you post your pics you just give a short description of why you love it. The deadline is 20th April.Good luck to everyone!

Adam n Eve

Adam n Eve’s new collection is ready and will be up for grabs as of this Friday, 7th of March. A launch party involving a catwalk show has been planned at their new building behind the main store between 2 and 4 PM and, of course, everyone’s invited!

Adam n Eve Catwalk


    I have a thing for retro clothes. I find them sexy, feminine and elegant. I got myself this great dress form Bossanova – I’m wearing it in the first picture, along with awesome pumps from Shiny Things and hair from Ingenue, another great place for retro fans.

    To my surprise, I noticed that the dress works either with prim parts or without! In the second picture, I detached the mermaid bottom and sleeve puffs, took off the hat, changed the hairstyle to a bit punkier one, Eglantine from ETD, added some jewelry and slouch boots from Maitreya… and again, one outfit, two looks!

    First picture:

    Shape: Custom

    Skin: Old Hollywood, exclusive group gift from Minnu Model Skins

    Hair: Torch Song Natural Black for L$ 100 from Ingenue

    Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

    Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

    Shoes: Sugar Pumps Black for L$ 250 from Shiny Things

    Stockings: from Lace Robe Set, free from Adam n Eve

    Gloves: from Francoise dress for L$ 175 from bossa nova

    Second picture:

    Shape: Custom

    Skin: Deviant Nation Cashmere Ether Void for L$ 1000 from Last Call

    Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

    Hair: Eglantine Dirty for L$ 25 (sale) from ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs

    Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

    Boots: Dune Champagne for L$ 350 from Maitreya

    Choker: messy choker – steel, group gift from Tuli

    Bracelet: glass chunk bracelet – b&w for L$ 75 from Shiny Things