It was a while back when I first met Mimi Juneau.  My partner and I were looking for mens clothing and ran into Mimi at her men’s store.  She was there and assisted us so patiently.  She then took us over to her women’s store, where she showed us all of her choices in clothing.  Her store is well layed out and is adorned by so many beautiful and well crafted desiger clothing from the finest designers in Second Life.

Mimi seems to be such a big part of her success.  She is there working along side of her models to not only tell you about each article of clothing, but she will also put it on and wear it for you, so that you can actually see how it looks when worn.  I have found this extremely helpful.  All of us have purchased different outfits and put them on, to find that they just don’t look like what the picture portrays.  So the helpfulness of displaying the clothing on herself is immensely helpful.  I believe that if Mimi is not in her store, you can but IM her and she will come as soon as she can to assist you with your purchases.  Also, there are always the models who will work with you as well.  Having a dedicated staff on hand at all times is such a wonderful accessory to a clothing store.






Last week I wrote about the beautiful new gown released by Styles of edo and the amazing Akoya Pearls. This week I wanted to continue and address the handsome designs of the men’s clothing.

I have had the privilege of spending time in the store of Styles of edo. As those who have been there will know it is a beautiful, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere in which to shop.

Over the time that I have spent shopping in Second Life, I have noticed the lack of well tailored men’s clothing. There are many stores that are absolutely excellent with regard to everyday and sporty cloths for men, and I applaud them for their fashion excellence. In talking to men, I have had them mention time and time again the need for well tailored formal wear. In searching Styles of edo I found some exciting and innovate designs. edo’s cloths for men are above the standard found in most men’s formal wear stores. I especially loved the tux and tails in both black and white.  edo again has gone to the limits in producing the very best for gentleman.

The tux’s that will be shown are absolutely magnificent and show a true desire by edo to bring to men the very best of the tux fashion.  Each tux has variable colored and styled ties and also colors of shirts.  While at the store, notice the lovely assortment of mens shirts and ties that can be bought to mix and match with your tux to bring about a coordination with your lady’s gown.  And ladies, in the store you will find many of the men’s clothing that are transferable.  Therefore making it easier to dress your man in the latest fashions of excellence.  Every man can use a new tux.  Also this is a wonderful Christmas gift idea.




Swanilda Gown and Akoya Pearls

Last week I had the distinct opportunity to interview both Mami Jewell and edo Tone of Styles of edo.  Collectively they have released two stunning creations, the Swanilda Gown by Mami and the Akaya Pearls by edo.  The release date for both was November 8, 2008.  As we know both of these designers are centered towards bringing to our second life fashion experience, a true taste of excellence.
The beautiful Swanilda Gown was inspired by the ballet Copellia, which was written over 200 years ago.  Copellia is a life like doll and Swanilda is a young woman.  Mami had originally designed the Copellia Dress, which is a shorter version of the long and flowing Swanilda.
The Akoya Pearls, were an inspiration to edo, by him admiring these old pearls and learning the history of them.  It was then his desire to reproduce these exquisite pearls for our use in second life.  Reproduce he has done in life like sense. 
I will run a brief history of each design, just prior to the pictures.


Coppelia is an adaptation of “The Sandman,” a story written by the German Romanticist, E.T.A. Hoffman, almost 200 years ago. The ballet, with music by Leo Delibes, first performed over 100 years ago in Paris, was choreographed by Arthur Saint-Leon, ballet master of the Paris Opera at the time.


Saturday 8th November at 11am SLT was the RUNWAY Best of Couture Fall Revue 2008 featuring couture designs from twenty of Second Life’s top fashion designer stores.  The lucky models getting to showcase these gorgeous couture outfits were the twenty Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalists and twenty RUNWAY models.  The twenty fashion designers of tonight’s event were  Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir, Beauty Design and Fashion by Katlaya Greggan, Bolero Collection by Amanda Bolero, Brenda Clellon Designs by Brenda Clellon, EROS by Keth Mommsen, Frozen Turquoise Valentine by Valenttino Carfogno, Jador Fashions by Ziamela Loon, Lady Thera by Thera Taurog, Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa, Lapointe and BastChild by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus, LeeZu Baxter Designs by LeeZu Baxter, Orage Creations by Elettra Gausman, The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven, NM Haute, Couture by Nuno McCullough, Serene Sensations by Soraya Blanchere, Simone! By Simone Stern, Styles of edo by Mami Jewel, VictoriaV Fashion by VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan and finally Zullay Designs by Zullay Thor.  I’m sure you will agree that’s a very impressive selection of designers to showcase.  Each designer showcased two of their best couture lines with two models walking out in synch, one Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalist and one RUNWAY model.  The choreography was superb.  Maggie Mahoney did a fantastic job at hosting the show, giving great details about what each of the models was wearing.  The runway was breathtaking, all in luxurious purple, silver and white with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. All of the seating for the audience was also colour co-ordinated.  I am sure you will agree when you see from the pictures that it was truly breathtaking and so fitting for such a wonderful event.  Unfortunately due to crashing some of the pictures were taken backstage as I missed them on the runway but I tried to get pictures of as many as I could.  With friends and colleagues in this event it was a one I couldn’t miss.


Hello fashion fiends…eerr friends, Rhi Rossini here. I am so excited to be the newest member of the Ewing blog. I absolutely adore fashion and sharing it with you all. My very first tasty tidbit is a sample of Amanda Bolero’s newest fall line up. These items are only available at Mimi’s Choice until September 21. After that, you can find them at Amanda’s main store. Also, Ewing is hosting Amanda’s fall fashion show in early October, so stick to the blog for more details.

For each photograph, I wore most of the same items, which are: MMS Zero – Light 6, ETD Couture Collection: The Updo – Ash Brown, Miriel Realistic Eyes – Aurora, Detour Faded Lashes and Bandit “Diamonds Party” ring.

First up, we have Matelasse and Splendido. Matelasse is an exquisite leather coat, created with the most amazing texture! I just love it. The complete outfit comes with prim cuffs, collar, belt and coat skirt, as well as boots and hot, silver crinkle pants. Splendido is a creative design. A large, sequined hat matches the sequined shorts and socks, while a sheer black lace adorns the hips. A cute lacey vest with black frilly sleeves slightly covers the bra underneath. Paired with JCNY’s Buckingham Pearls and Minx’s Sweetest Taboo Heels – Black, this outfit is a show stopper. (more…)

One of the best Second Life furniture stores is opening its new mainstore on Friday, August 22nd !

The store, formerly known as CORN, is called INSTINCT and the designers will be featured in the upcoming ALTAMODA issue.

I had the chance to meet Devon Fischer and Cornelius Sloat and to ask them about their work and how they live in Second Life. I don’t want to reveal all the details here but I totally agree to what they said. You truly can expect “a new revolution in SL furniture”!

Check out the beautiful and realistic designs and read the next ALTAMODA issue to get to know more about their work!

Here is a teaser (Click to enlarge! No, it’s not a real life picture and there was absolutely no editing done in Photoshop!)

Visit the new mainstore on Friday and see it with your own eyes.

Happy Hour has become one more thing I get to look forward to as the weekend approaches. Each Friday, our sponsors treat us to gifts, and I look forward to it all week long. Join the ~*Ewing Events VIP Guest List*~ to be included. This week we’ve been graced with Maeva, one more LM in my “shopping” folder that I just cannot live without!

When Lotta Shelman, Melinda Emms, and Aloma Sands began making skins and shapes in December of ’07 under the name “Shape Territory” I don’t believe they had any idea of how big it would all eventually become. With Lotta doing the majority of designing and Melinda and Aloma managing, they have had some amazing success. Three months ago, when clothing and accessories were introduced, they knew some things we going to be different, most of all, the name. It was then thay Maeva was born and is still continuing to grow. Using the real life fashions of today, Lotta, Melinda and Aloma have created some amazing female clothes. They’ve incorporated the RL trends into the SL look and the combination is magical. Their favourites, the dresses Laura and Lotta, are a real fashion treat!

Down the road, possibly after their fall collection hits the line, they have hinted at beginning a men’s line. With the amazing possibilities that SL offers for Maeva, the sky is the limit.

Check out Maeva and see for yourself the wonderful things available. Stop by Broowunph 126, 18, 24.