I have a free life, the country where I live is not in war, I can say what I want, I can walk where I want, I can think what I want, I can dress how I want and I don’t have to feel in danger.

All this feels very natural.

To remind us that this is not so natural and not in reach for every person in the world, we celebrate Freedom Day in the Netherlands on 5 May. First to remember the end of World War II, but now also to celebrate and fight for freedom for all people in the world. A lot of festivals are taking place this day all through the country. One of these festivals is Bevrijdingspop, a big music festival with 80.000 visitors.

And this year Bevrijdingspop can be heard in SL! The concert will be streamed to here live and photos of the events will be transferred and displayed directly to feel the atmosphere of the event! And more… Second Life will be showed during the event, there is a streamer of the RL crew in SL who will film and project this film by a beamer on a big screen! Where can you be more free to be who you want to be than in Second Life? We are going to show that with…


(Thanks to Kafee Iwish for editting the original flyer of Bevrijdingspop)

At a secret location the Bevrijdingspop will be streamed. At this place there is only room for a few people. To show as many different people from the world we are living in, every person stays just a few minutes at this place and then tp’s a friend who will stay for a while and so on. During the stay, the person will be filmed and be seen in RL.  The big challenge is to show as many people as possible and to create a nice document of our big variety of residents.

Be prepared, dress your freedom, maybe you will receive a tp to take part in a semi-secret exclusive event where you can have your 15 minutes of fame and show the world who you are.

As a thank you for joining, you will find gifts for you from some amazing designers: SySy’s, ki Design, Aleida Rhode, Mashooka Designs, Sascha’s Designs, SF Design, Koguma Glasses Style (K_gs), Blacklace, GM Nikolaidis, Perse


You can share your pictures of this event in this FLICKR group: Estafette For Freedom 2010


Aleida Rhode is the creative force behind *Aleida* formally known as Fashion Nomads.  She is an accomplished model, photographer and now designer, opening her first store in March 2009.  I met up with Aleida at her store and what a delightful lady.  I was absolutely thrilled when gave me a sneak peek of several of her designs for Modavia Fashion Week.  All I can tell you is, they are fantastic!  You can see Aleida’s  wonderful new designs September 15th at 3:00pm SLT during Modavia Fashion Week.  You do not want to miss it!

Aleida Jinja top & konge pants

Here I am wearing Jinja II Flower Top in nougat and Konge pants in creme paired with Kampala stilettos in cocoa.  Notice the delicate floral on the fabric, so feminine.  The top comes with all layers and can be worn tucked as well.  The Konge pants have two options, loose fit and tight fit and include prim cuffs accentuated with tiny buttons.

Skin – Laqroki (Lacie)
Jewelry – YS&YS (Ivory set)
Hair – W&Y (Yuki hair 90)




Sweet Paradise – White


Ewing Fashion Agency and Angel Dessous Lingerie, are pleased to announce the beautiful Accacia Brissot, Angel Dessous’ Angel of the Month for April, 2009.  There were so many creative entries and judging was difficult to decide the right woman.  Yet in the end it came down to the lovely photograph presented by Accacia.  For being selected as the April Angel, she was awarded $L10,000, a photo shoot with Stella Stapleton (Accacia shown above wearing the ensemble Sweet Paradise – White), a photo from which will be displayed at Angel Dessous’ mainstore and in RUNWAY Magazine and she will also be given a 30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program.  Congratulations Accacia!


Award Winning Photograph – Accacia Brissot




Joanna in Pink


Ewing Fashion Agency and Angel Dessous Lingerie, are pleased to announce the beautiful Sabine Blackburn as Angel Dessous’ Angel of the Month for March, 2009.  There were so many creative entries and judging was difficult to decide the right woman.  Yet in the end it came down to the lovely photograph presented by Sabine.  For being selected as the March Angel, she was awarded $L10,000, a photo shoot with Stella Stapleton (Sabine shown above wearing the ensemble Joanna in Pink), a photo from which will be displayed at Angel Dessous’ mainstore and in RUNWAY Magazine and given a 30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program.  Congratulations Sabine!


Award Winning Photograph – Sabine Blackburn

There were two honorable mentions and they were Freyja Nemeth and Sweetparadise Giano.  These ladies were awarded a gift card to Angel Dessous Lingerie and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program.  We would like to thank them for their lovely entries and winning the honorable mentions.


If you say Angel Dessous you know the owner is Nando Korobase, a qualityminded SL designer specialized in womens lingerie. He has released 2 new sets of lingerie, “Tillie” and “Frances” which come with different layer options and both are available in 4 different colors: red, elder (purple), white and classic black.

Let me start with “Tillie”: This set consists of options like : bolero with fur or simple prim collar, panties in underwear layer with garters in pant layers. You choose between only wearing bra and panties or then the whole set as shown in picture depending on your need and mood.

Showing “Tillie” – full set:


As for footwear, I choosed Stiletto Moody ´s “Ingrid” which is recently released and it is not a secret that SM is on of my favorite shoe brands.  Ingrid belongs to SM’s Bare series and if you look at the heel, it has become higher than ever – its a must have for every woman.  “Bare” series comes with lots of options to fullfill your needs, for instance: you can, via menu, change skin colors, and also save it in case you change your skincolors and can easily go back to the color want.  Your can switch on and off sounds, walks, shinning effects and in the fatpack, you click and choose the color you want to wear.  All options are menu driven and it is so easy to use.  One pair of SM Ingrid is 2199L and the fatpack goes for 7999 L.


After the audition, with many gorgeous models, the decision had to be made which models will walk the runway during the EFA-AIFW2009 show. We are proud to present to you the names of these models. Joining lead model Rena Mascot will be Aleida Rhode (Miss SL World 2008 ), Gamp Lane, Imogen Miklos, Laura18 Streeter, Mariah Urriah, Menja Slade, Mimmi Boa (Miss Virtual World, 2009), Payton Heron (Runway Magazine Model of the Year 2009) and ZoeAnastasia Aeon. This is a diverse of group of professional Second Life models from around the world, emphasing the global reach that is available to this digital world.  These models will be walking together on the same runway  though they are based in Asia, Europe and the Americas.  Rehearsals have already begun under the direction of show host Tiffany Dragonash and lead model Rena Mascot.

EFA-AIFW2009 - Model group

Photo of the model team, made by Connie Arida. From left to right: Laura18 Streeter, ZoeAnastasia Aeon, Rene Mascot (lead model), Payton Heron, Gamp Lane, Menja Slade, Imogen Miklos, Mariah Urriah and Aleida Rhode (not pictured: Mimmi Boa)


Laura18 Streeter: “I barely had time to know what hit me at the casting, … I didn’t expect to be chosen!  I think this is a grand show that EFA is putting on and the whole idea of matched time/walk/runway/model looks and viewing both shows in both worlds to be really cool.”

Gamp Lane: “I am so pleased to be invited to participate in the EFA-AIFW show as a model.  I believe the real life public by and large views Second Life with a skeptical eye.  Those of us who reside in this virtual world are well aware of the incredible talent here and the amount of work involved in our activities.  For this show alone, models will spend hours practicing on the runway and styling the clothing we will be privileged to wear.  There has already been an incredible amount of work done to organize this show, and that is reflected in the attention to detail that I witness at each practice.  As a long time Second Life model, it is exciting to know that I will be walking the runway just as the Real life models are walking in Amsterdam.  Through Second life, I am living a dream that would have been impossible for me in First life, and I am so very thankful for this opportunity.”

Imogen Miklos: “I was so excited about having the opportunity of auditioning for a spot in the EFA-AIFW show just in general. Knowing that Ewing Agency is ran by some of the most professional models in the SL modeling industry, I would have to do my best to impress. I feel very honored that I was chosen out of this pool of talented ladies. The competition was extremely fierce with some truly impressive models in the running. I am thrilled to be part of the Ewing Family and look forward to the new friendships I will gain in the process. “

Menja Slade: “It was my first audition  and so I was really kicking myself as I was answering the question, there was so much more I wanted to say.. but my typing was not so fast… so I just typed the first thing that came to my mind. Hearing all the other answers I felt that moment that this was the end for me. My surprise was immense when I got the invitation. I was more then happy and also proud that I made it, that my hard work in becoming a professional model was now topped with being in an EFA show. Being finally aware what kind of show this is, I am even more excited (gladly I have no time now for a nervous break down.. I think I will simply have it after the show ~laughs~). I really thank my friends who were backing me up to try it… and thanking EFA for giving me this chance to have an amazing new experience.”

Rena Mascot: “Always trying something new makes me excited… but i feel dread if we fail for the show too. It was very good what we take picture together and  we shout “cheer up” together at backstage before start the training and I believe we can make this show very good ^^ because I am with very pretty and good models “cheer up” ^^ “

Photos of the training by Aleida Rhode


Be sure to mark your calendars for 26 January 2009 and be there to enjoy these models working the catwalk!



EFA-AIFW2009 (logo red)

The following models will walk in the EFA-AIFW2009 show: Rena Mascot, Laura18 Streeter, ZoeAnastasia Aeon, Payton Heron, Gamp Lane, Menja Slade, Imogen Miklos, Mariah Urriah, Mimmi Boa and Aleida Rhode


Really good black skin is not easy to find in Second Life, but so far what I have seen, Glance Skin, created and owned by Joakim Asbrink,  managed to create black skins that are about as realistic as possible.  The face is so nicely detailed and the body part is as greatly detailed.  Joakim is known for her very detailed skins.

 They come with 7 different make ups:  1.Alek – Attention, 2. Alek – Metallic, 3. Alek – Red, 4. Alek – Angel, 5. Alek – Black, 6.  Alek – Colour and 7. Alek – Blue


The price per skin is 999 L and for a fatpack which usually contains 7 different make ups, the price is then 4500L.