Mimi’s Choice For Men


Last week I was able to present the lovely Jador spring fashions.  In holding to what I try to do, I am now showing various new spring designs for men.  Mimi’s Choice for Men, is a wonderful place for gentlemen to find just the perfect suit, tux, shoes or shirt with jeans.  There men will find such great creations by some of Second Life’s finest, such as SF Designs, M.R.M, Sartoria and many more.

At Mimi’s, men will find a relaxed shopping environment.  There you will find the shop well laid out and the designer wear easy to locate.  Most all clothing there is transferable, except for the colour change shoes.  This makes it exceptionally nice for the women, shopping for their men.  I was put in charge of buying men’s tuxes for a wedding.  It was so nice, to be able to go to Mimi’s, find the tux that I referred and purchase all five and then be able to pass them out.  Such a hassle reducer.  Also for my sweethearts birthday, I was able to go shop and buy him a great outfit, wrap it and give it to him.  I love it!





Alphamale Pinstripe Tux

Comes with several shirt, tie and jacket combinations


SF Design – Shearing Brown Leather Jacket with Pants


An event is not an event when there is no public.  And there will not be public without an invitation . So I was really pleased that Kafee Iwish reacted to the EFA-AIFW2009 participation call, indicating that he would like to create the graphic artpiece.  Even more when I heard he is living and working in the fashion capital, Paris as a graphic designer in real life!  Let’s see if we can learn some nice tips and tricks from him. I contacted him for some questions.

Kafee, how does the usual workday of a graphic designer look like?

Aw, there is no usual workday, I can be asked to design a lot of different things, like affiches, logos, magazines, flyers, invites, cards, building in SL for events, drawing, photomontage and many more! And all have different format, different software to use depending if it is for prints, web or even SecondLife, each with a specific subject, specific place, so no, there is not a usual workday!

How do you find inspiration to create something new every time?

Haha, so I will disappoint you, there is no magic formule, sometimes it comes all of a sudden, rarely I must say. Most often, the first creation you do on receiving the demand is not nice and put you on a stressed and bad mood. Usually at this moment I think, what I do is just sheet! As a lot of creators, I am not an isolated case. So the nights come… nights sometimes if you have enough delay and when you wake up maybe because the brain was working ” free” during the night (” free”  means inhibit – non conscience – of the stress and fear of the white page), you have it! Inspiration!!

EFA-AIFW2009 - Jan Toorop - Then

One of the artpieces in the Beurs van Berlage: Jan Toorop – Then

How do you prepare your work for making a graphic artpiece for an invite?

First “L”: Listen carefully to the one who is asking in a natural way, try not to interrupt and be sure to have all necessary. Ask for the graphic chart to respect, the ambiance wishes, the message and the public.  Second “L”: Look and Learn, find a maximum of documentation about the theme and place, because you have to know a minimum about before to go on creating (I have never heard of the Beurs van Berlage before and couldnot have known without some research). Also you have to look to give a more close atmosphere and feeling to the people who will come to the event, they maybe already know a little bit the place or feel close to the subject and want to know more. This can be done with pics, special typo and design of the invite (modern, retro, colorfully). And when you ” possess”  all, preparation is done and you can go on create!

What are the big do and dont’s according to an invite?

Usually an invite is not a big format, size. So stay simple and put the essential on visibility. For me about the text, I prefer to use not more than 2 letter-types, or just one and playing with the size and bolding effect, if necessary 2 colors, or use 2 nuances (black and grey for example). If you use a pic, you can play with the principal colors of the pic. I used this for the EFA-AIFW2009 invite too, but “flat” colors for the text readability. That are my ” do’s”, for the ” dont do” , go inverse!

Mucha - Muse de la Danse

Muse de la danse –  Mucha

What kind of style do you like most?

Hehe, can I escape this question? I like all styles, lets say I prefer to go on eclecticism as for the music I listen and I agree, I prefer more drawing style or typo graphism. and yes, I love one guy, Mucha and art deco style too and not too bright colors! But I really mean I prefer, I can not say I don’t like a style.

Does EFA fit your style?

As I said, I like all styles, I am not fixed on one, so yes, EFA fit my style! Why? Because each client has a different style so each time it is a new challenge, be on harmony, understand and appreciate their creations and satisfy my curiosity. Try to show the best way they do, be a ” support” of their creation is a nice gift for me (aw, yes, I am sensitive!). Work on a creation for EFA fit me perfectly well 🙂

Kafee Iwish (graphic designer)

Kafee Iwish pictured in Paris by Connie Arida, dressed by Alphamale

Kafee Iwish is dressed in a casual winter outdoor outfit by Alphamale:

– Alphamale – Winter coat outfit – Green:  Alphamale – Knitted sweather – Beige, Alphamale – Wintercoat (outfit comes with formal pants, not shown on picture)

– Alphamale – Brown Denim Jeans(from the Alphamale – Brown Jeans & Tees set), the belt can be completed with the optional Alphamale – Brown Denim Jeans Belt buckle (not shown on picture)

Alphamale was established in the winter of 2007, now a year later, Yelmer Pfeffer, the man behind Alphamale, has developed his designing talent enormously. His collection offers a high quality of men fashion, from casual to more formal clothes. Every type of man can find a piece here what suits his style and needs.  And guys… the Alphamale & Blacklace Mall is made for easy gifting, so don’t forget to take a nice lingerie present for your girl at the Blacklace section of the mall!

EFA - AIFW 2009 (red)

The Graphic Artist for EFA-AIFW2009 will be Kafee Iwish.






Last week I had the pleasure of writing about Mimi’s Choice – Women’s.  As I had promised earlier, I am dedicated to writing more about men’s fashion and the ability for men to be able to read this blog and find new and fantastic places to purchase quality clothing.

Across the street from Mimi’s women’s clothing, is located Mimi’s men’s.  When you walk into the shop you immediately notice the tranquil and beautifully designed atmosphere.  Everywhere you look it is pleasing to your eyes.  Clothing is supported by an array of designers who do absolute quality clothing for the man with an eye towards fashion.  Let’s face it, everyone will notice a man who is dressed well, the same as women are noticed.  There are those out there who don’t really care, but I want to say that a few extra linden’s put towards your wardrobe will speak volumes about anyone, especially men.

At Mimi’s you can find anything from designer jeans and shirts to outstanding tuxes.  The layout of the shop makes it easy to find anything you are looking for.  It is not crowded and over packed with items.  Yet it is definitely a one stop shopping experience.  I love simplicity and not over crowding.  Knowing a little about men, they don’t care for it either.  Make it easy and they love it.


We at ALTAMODA magazine are such kind souls that we decided to offer you a sneak preview straight from the July issue! You get an exclusive taste of our column Alphamale below.

Model and writer Iustinian Tomega looks especially yummy in this simple yet stylish outfit, perfect for a hot summer day or even night if you feel like it.

Intrigued? Wait till you see the rest! Be patient and mark your calendars for June 28th when ALTAMODA‘s July issue comes out. Only one week to go!

Read ALTAMODA magazine here.


Hello guys, my name is Michael and this is my first post on the EFA blog, so I hope you like it. It is well known that that Second Life fashion has a clear bias for female fashion, so we are seeking to address that at EFA. Myself a few colleagues who will also be posting items in the week will be bringing you, the male fashionistas out there some fashion finds and style tips, so stay tuned.

It takes a little work to look relaxed in dressy clothes. The Alpha Male achieved this look by combining the products of three well known designers of men’s clothing and shoes. The jacket is from REDGRAVE and can be worn solo or as an included turtleneck version (not shown). I found the jacket hiding in an upstairs corner of the REDGRAVE store with a price tag of L$ 450.  The over-all attention to detail in the stitching on the lapel and tail cut areas as well as the complimentary fit, make this jacket worth the climb, hunt, and price. 

Also upstairs but much easier to find was an incredibly versatile shirt/flexi-prim tie set. This pink with white dot pattern shirt is tint-able and can be worn in or out of the pants; out gives that relaxed look pictured here. This set also includes white prim cuffs (not shown) which match the tie and give the shirt a little more of a formal look. The set is a real find at L$ 400.

I searched for just the right pants to compliment the shirt and jacket and found them in Muism‘s Casual Trousers. In fact, I had hardly stepped into public my new pants before I was complimented on my “arse”! The trousers can be worn with or without an included flexi-prim belt. Well worth the L$ 300!

Finally, the shoes! I simply couldn’t be seen in “buddies”!, so I dropped into a cool L$ 600 and stepped into these sexy FNKY plain black loafers to complete his look. Not too much, not too little but oh the detail in a shoe so simple! It just screams casual elegance! Enjoy and let me know your feedback!