Hello fashion fiends…eerr friends, Rhi Rossini here. I am so excited to be the newest member of the Ewing blog. I absolutely adore fashion and sharing it with you all. My very first tasty tidbit is a sample of Amanda Bolero’s newest fall line up. These items are only available at Mimi’s Choice until September 21. After that, you can find them at Amanda’s main store. Also, Ewing is hosting Amanda’s fall fashion show in early October, so stick to the blog for more details.

For each photograph, I wore most of the same items, which are: MMS Zero – Light 6, ETD Couture Collection: The Updo – Ash Brown, Miriel Realistic Eyes – Aurora, Detour Faded Lashes and Bandit “Diamonds Party” ring.

First up, we have Matelasse and Splendido. Matelasse is an exquisite leather coat, created with the most amazing texture! I just love it. The complete outfit comes with prim cuffs, collar, belt and coat skirt, as well as boots and hot, silver crinkle pants. Splendido is a creative design. A large, sequined hat matches the sequined shorts and socks, while a sheer black lace adorns the hips. A cute lacey vest with black frilly sleeves slightly covers the bra underneath. Paired with JCNY’s Buckingham Pearls and Minx’s Sweetest Taboo Heels – Black, this outfit is a show stopper. (more…)


I know I have raved about her before, but really, can you ever get enough of Amanda Bolero’s Bolero Collection? I sure can’t, and to top off my Bolero Collection fanaticism, we here at Ewing Fashion Agency are putting on a runway show featuring her work. This Italian beauty isn’t what you’d expect for an amazing designer in SL. She’s a RL nurse, with a love for backpacking all over the world. I’m sure this world wide travelling has only added to the edge her designs have. She creates amazing outfits. She took a minute to talk with me about the show, her upcoming line, and what it’s been like for her to be a Second Life fashion designer.

DE: What made you decide to come to SL?

AB: I read an article on a magazine about Second Life, but I thought it was a game, like Lara Croft., hehe. So I tried it and very soon I understood it was something different and very exciting.

DE: Did you fall in love with SL right away?

AB: At the beginning yes, I was addicted! Through my first months I was here until early morning.

DE: What made you design to start designing clothes?

AB: Like all women here, I was a customer, but sometimes I wasn’t able to find what really I wanted. I had lots of ideas, but I was not able to use the necessary programs. So, I said to myself, “If everybody does it, why can’t I do the same? Why can’t I learn? I’m not stupid,” hehe. So a friend of mine came to my house and in half an hour I had an idea of how to use templates and Photoshop. Then, I tried and I asked again and again until I had the ability to make pretty much what I wanted. But I know I still have to improve every day. Now it’s been almost a year since I started designing clothes here.

DE: You have an upcoming fashion show with our agency, Ewing Fashion Agency. Tell me a little bit about what is in store for the show.


The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to present the eclectic late summer Bolero Collection by designer AMANDA BOLERO. You are cordially invited to join us on August 20, 2008, at Ewing’s Fashion District, Ischia, for this exciting presentation.

Amanda on her designs: “My involvement with the fashion field of SL began last year , by chance on one hand, and on the other because I couldn’t find what I wanted. I’m picky and I follow my daily mood on what to wear in RL, and this side of me doesn’t change here in SL . So, when I feel romantic I create a gown , when I feel sexy or aggressive or dream I create the right dress that suits my feeling. I think every woman has to wear what expresses herself and makes her feel comfortable in any situation: from shopping to party, from going to work to staying at home. But they always need a touch of originality and elegance . SL allows me to take out all of my creativity and my passion for fashion and I hope my clients can feel that.”

DJ Sexyjade Echegaray will play her jazzy tunes during the show.

EFA Presents Amanda Bolero

August 20, 2008

11:30 AM SLT Guest Arrival
12:00 PM SLT Start of the show

Dress code: Smooth Criminal

You are invited!