Here’s a comfortable and easy wearing outfit to shop and hang out in. Let’s start with a fuzzy hat and a wool knit sweater and blouse to keep warm. A purse that is just the right size and a cool belt.

Out & About 1 Out & ABout 2

It’s hard to find leather gloves so when I saw this pair I snatched them up. The denim skirt is versatile and comes with the option of a petticoat. And to complete the outfit a pair of fun tights which compliment these adorable pink shoes that I just couldn’t resist.

Amber Hair with hat, available at ETD

Denim Prim Skirt with Petticoat available at ELFA

Leather Gloves available at Tricolore

Croissant Satchel in Noir available at Miam Miam Luxe

Romantic Belt available at Double Paradox

Tintable Pantyhose available PopFuzz

Serenity Shoes in Dark Pink available at Aphrodite Creations


It’s a wonderful thing when you look through your inventory and find separate pieces that match together perfectly. That’s what happened when I paired together this men’s shirt from StarSong, and this skirt from Kyoot Army. The shirt is wonderfully detailed down the front and on the cuffs. The skirt flares out at the hips and includes a classy leather belt. Both pieces are a deep rich burgundy color that work well together to create a sophisticated look. Ladies don’t be afraid to peek into the men’s section every now and then, you just may come across a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

Sophisticated Match


Shirt: Guayabera – Rojo Vino available at StarSong

Skirt: The Scarlet Mobstress available at Kyoot Army

Earrings & Bracelet: Claris Collection available at Muse

Ring: Ariane Diamond and Tanzanite Ring available at Muse

Necklace: Haematite necklace available at T.V. Tavo Vella Creations

Happy holidays everyone! My name is Angie and this is my first entry on the EFA blog. I hope you like it.

I love a beautifully made sweater. If a sweater is designed the right way it can make you feel warm and special and at peace with the world. The shape of a sweater and the way it is knit can give you a whole new attitude. I love my blue cardigan, the sleeves are unique and stylish and add a little extra swing to a diva’s walk. For a little aesthetic depth I put a basic black turtleneck underneath, and borrowed a gray wool skirt from another outfit to bring the cardigan and the turtleneck together. A pair of tights that are the perfect shade of black, and some cheeky Mary Jane’s that I can‘t get enough of. I paired the outfit up with a short and sassy hairdo, a pair of fabulous shades and pearl earrings to finish it off. So fashionistas, pull those knits out of your closet, use your imagination and have fun!


Hair: Billie in Black $150L at Philotic Energy

Shades: Edition Euphe from Muse

Earrings: Claris pearl earrings in gold $50L at Muse

Sweater: Short Knit Cardigan in dark blue $150L at Kurotsubaki

Turtleneck: Onyx $0L from Departure at Prim & Proper

Skirt: Gray Pants & Skirt set $200L at Kurotsubaki

Tights: Plain Transparent $0L at Paper Couture

Shoes: Mary Jane Stilettos Gingham in Silver $0L at Digit Darkes