I never knew I had a toe fetish until I came across my first pair of open toe sandals with prim toes.  With the warm weather here, I’m pulling out all my open toe shoes! 

J’s has been coming out with quality prim toes for quite some time now and finally… flips flops.  These flips flops come with prim toes and feet and you can even opt to go barefoot.  No more looking down at your clubbed feet as you lounge around the pool or walk along the beach.  All of J’s prim toe are colorable via a drop down menu which is fairly easy to use and provide options for jewelry and nail color.


J’s flip-flap & barefoot.  These cute little flip flops come in an array of colors, ready to match any outfit.  Darling leather string ankle bracelets adorned with flowers come with every pair you purchase.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin in smoky

Hair:  Shop Seu – Sexy Hair in purple brown

Shorts:  Ines Creations – Mid short kaki in Brownies Cream

Blouse:  SWA – Sioxie Legen Roman Halterin damask pink

Necklace:  Armidi Gisaci – Diamond Pendant Necklace in gold


Oscar Page

Oscar Page

If you have looked at the latest issue of Second Style (Issue #23), you’ll notice a very prominent name listed on the cover- Oscar Page.   A title well deserved, I might add.  I’ve known Oscar for quite some time and he’s not only been a very good friend, but is one of the few men I know in Second Life that not only loves to shop, but always looks very stylish and up-to-date.  Unlike most men in Second Life who tend to wear the same thing over and over, Oscar has more than one or two outfits in his inventory. Oscar is also one of the old timers, has been in Second Life since 2004, so he has  a unique perspective on fashion for men and how it has evolved through the years.  Oscar has harnessed all those years and created his own blog for men’s fashion in Second Life called Oscaresque Fashion Sense in a Second World.  If you are male in Second Life who can’t stand shopping and the time involved,  then you’ll definitely want to bookmark this site to find out the latest styles and releases. 


“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo.” –Mark Twain

Firenze makes your senses reel. This city is treasure-crammed: The Duomo; dominating the Tuscan skyline, with it’s multi-coloured facade of pink, white and green marble, the Ponte Vechio bridge, Uffizi and Accademia Galleries, and countless more art and historical treasures. SecondLife has brought some of this to life at the re-creation of the Piazza della Signoria, the civic center of Florentine life. In the square you will find bits and pieces of Firenze scattered about. Among some of the displays you will see the bronze statue of Perseus holding out the severed head of Medusa, carved by Cellini, and of course, the most famous and magnificent statue of David, by Michelangelo. To look upon David is to behold perfection.